A true Fairy Story

In  January ,2001 , John was posted to Kosovo for nine months with the RCMP and UN. 
At that time we were living in Orleans, On , I was working for Crabtree & Evelyn and busy with my business Whitelight and the Trinity Table. Nine months is not a long time when you and happy and busy with living and loving it. 
I was in meditation one morning in my Angel/Fairy room when I felt a presence hovering around me. I asked who it was and saw a vision of a name ,"Tatiana". She was delightful and said she would be the communicator between John and I while he was away. Internet was not so great then although  I  do have 9 mths of emails I hope to share with our grandchilden one day. Tatiana , this fairy , said that any information I wanted to share with John I could give to her while I was in prayer and she would transfer the information to him. Perfect. Just what I needed to feel close to him during our time apart. So each morning during meditation or prayer in my Angel room I would send him thoughts ,love and ADVISE. (L0l) 
I was doing this regularly.  July of 2003 I was visiting our daughter Amanda in Spain for a month. She was finishing up her PHD and was living in Lugo , Spain for a year. One evening , I told her I needed to go to internet cafe to email her Dad. While there I mentioned that Tatiana had given me a message I needed to give to him . Her face went white. "Mom, where did you get that name?" , she asked. 
"Oh in prayer , our guardian , who sends us messages , that is her name," I replied. Amanda then proceeded to tell me that ever since she could remember ,if she had a daughter , she would name her Tatiana. Do-do , we both had goose bumps. 
The years pass, John had seven missions in total.(Kosovo, East Timor, Afghanistan and four in Haiti) 
Alas,the day arrives when Amanda announces that she is expecting. I sense this is John's last mission. And so it is. 
A week before Tatiana is born, a few friends and I are at Amanda's baby shower. Someone asked what she will name the baby? her reply, "I am  not sure but if it is a girl, Mark, my husband likes the name Tatiana. But that is Mom's thing' . I think by then she has forgotten what she has told me in Spain. One of the attendee at the shower decided to look in the baby book for the meaning of names, LOl, Tatiana means "Fairy Queen" in Russian.. Wonders of Wonder. 
Amanda says , "We will know her name when we see her".
May 19th,2011 arrives.  A baby girl is born. An hour into her first day here on earth, now her new home, her new Mommy, Amanda, calls out  a few names. She does not open her eyes, then, softy, ever so softly Amanda whispers , "Tatiana" ,Tataina .A moment in silence, heartbeats slow down, breathing is lowered, a hush falls over them, eyes open and baby and mother's souls unite  Yes, she now has her name. 
Tatiana, is joy to all . Two years old,  she calls me Lil lee and John , her grandpa,, she calls him MONKA. That is all she calls him,"Where is Monka"? ,or "Where in my Monka"?,and my favorite, "See you soon Monka". She adores him. 
We have been wondering why she calls him MONKA. Today I search , yes in Kosovo , Monka is Monk. 
John has eight archetypes exclusive to him, "the Jester,  Knight,  Athlete,  Father,  Doubter, and Yes, you guessed it, the MONK. 
So , if you do not believe in fairies, look back into your life, there is a story waiting to be told. "Just for today , let your magical story have you" Believe in YOU, believe in NOW, believe in WOW.