Thank you Ibu / Goddess / Fairy Lilly for such an accepting and Power up your Life weekend, taking (re-taking!) the archetype course. To be able to be in a sacred and trusting space for the whole weekend allows one to be in their joy and grateful. Would recommend taking the course and even if you have taken it previously, would recommend taking it again as a grounding refresher ! Xoxo
— ‎Lynn Mayer‎

RE: 365 Ways to Power Up Your Life.
My sister Bonnie Pike gifted me with your new book.
Thank you so much for creating this uplifting composition of your heart felt expressions. I am thoroughly enjoying each and every day that is so thoughtfully written. I savor every word similar to that of a delicious piece of rich chocolate.
A lovely way to begin my day!
— Lorraine Ashkanase

I thank you so very much for the archetype workshop on Sunday. It was amazing how you can delve into our childhood and bring out old memories that still affect us in our daily lives. I thank you also for putting 150 per cent of your energy into the entire day! Again, thank you so very much and also I thank spirit that there exists such a wise and fun soul as Lilly. Most grateful
— Liz
I wanted to thank you for our wonderful session together. Thank you for the wonderful awakening you have given me
— Stephanie

Too bad if you missed this Workshop: Saturday, Nov. 19 (1-4 pm) Workshop: Fate vs Destiny ... An Archetypal Journey To Discover Your Highest Potential. - Lily White. Last Saturday, Nov. 19, at our SFC Workshop “ Fate vs Destiny “ thirty -two of us were very thrilled to care/share/dare and explore further archetypes with Lilly White, a spiritual counsellor and coach from Almonte. For many the spiritual learning was deep and surprising. Thank you so much to Lilly for enabling us to relate more to our beingness, possible purposes, roles and choices in our evolution. Bravo Lilly ! A joyful workshop.
— Spiritual Frontiers

“Thank you for the lovely and inspiring week-end. You have a wonderful ability to put at ease and embrace the essence of each person and the hospitality that you offer is second to none. The week-end was mindful and soulful. Out of it came a new vision of my psyche, heart and soul with guided instructions on holding these up to the light. Now I can say that I understand on some level why we fly in circles. Thank you for offering insight, guidance and inspiration on All that we are and All that we can be. Blessings and Light,
— Ewee.

I had the pleasure of attending a Calling All Angels “introductory” workshop in Perth on Wednesday, November 16th. Wow! You are phenomenal! I can’t describe the uplifting energy I received from this evening. I now know that I have the strength to “get out of my rut” and make positive changes in my life. Thank you
— Janet

Lilly you are a treasure and I am so blessed to have met you. Thank you.
— Rosemare