Today's Inspiration

Why look over your shoulder when you can see inside your heart. Just for today, let the spirit of trust have you.

Be you, not a mirror of how others want to see you .That mirror is about them.

"Just for today, let the spirit of self-acceptance have you" 

"Fairy Lilly, Fairy Lilly , Fairy Lilly," Yes Tatiana, I reply.  "I think I will change my name".

"NO you can't", Tatiana shouts.  "Why", I ask.

 "YOU JUST CAN'T" "Your name is a song Grandma." 

.  "Just for today ,let the spirit of your sound, your song have you"

Be yourself, everyone else is doing their own thing. "Just for today, let the spirit of "YOU" have you"

Losing another friend/family friend to dreaded cancer. "Just for today, let the spirit of our good health and gratitude for healthy moments, happy moments have us" It can end so quickly.

And the day came when he said, "It is what it is, do not worry, I will love you forever". "Just for today, let the spirit of love and trust have you"

Listen to your heart It speaks to you . Speak to your heart It will love you back . When you love you ,you have more love for others "Just for today, let the spirit of your heart have you"

EMPOWERMENT. The merriment of your inner power. "Just for today, Power Up your life with the spirit of YOUR inner power"


Why try to fit in when you can stand up, stand out, shout out, I am Free, I am ME. "Just for today, let the spirit of Self Confidence have you"

I went to the Dr and the Doctor said,"Lilly , you are silly, now shake your head. Get your body moving for Goddess sake, Never mind eating the cake that John just baked. Get up in the morning and strengthen those thighs, dance every evening, extra pounds wave , bye, bye . "Just for today, do not let the spirit of your saboteur have you". Get moving, be in your light.

Are you brave enough to look, really look, at all the things you never wanted to see? Sometimes you might have to look back, to see ahead. "Just for today, let the spirit of your brave self have you"

I still love my EX: Boyfriend. He became my knight almost 40 yrs ago. "Just for today, let the spirit of LOVE have you"

Kenny Rogers Song which had the words, "You gotta know when to fold them", comes to mind this AM. It takes courage to take a risk and more courage to know when to walk away ." Just for today , let the spirit of Courage have you" Definition of Courage: the ability and willingness to confront fear, pain, danger, uncertainty, or intimidation. Physical courage is courage in the face of physical pain, hardship, death, or threat of death, while moral courage is the ability to act rightly in the face of popular opposition, shame, scandal, or discouragement.(Wiki)

Death is Deadly. Life is Lively Happiness is Healthy BUT, Bliss is Believing anything is possible. "Just for today , let the spirit of Bliss have you"

Ahhh ,she said", You have all of me, but you will NEVER have my mind, you cannot own it, control it or mess with it. Don't even try to fuuuu with it. Do not tell me what to think, what to do or how to think. My mind in MINE. But, she said, "You do have my Heart ". "Just for today , let the spirit of relationships have you"

This is the time that Angels do flow, did you know ? This is the time that you ask for their guidance,believe in them, it is not science. This is the time , your belief in the Devine will help you grow. This is the Time ,"Just for today , let the spirit of Angels have you" we are never too young or old.

What does not break us, makes us whole. "Just for today let the spirit of your strength have you"

I am fired up but not ready to burn out. " Just for today, let the spirit of your inner self have you"

If I was Eve, I'd say to Adam , "Pick the fruit from the Divine Tree". In the integrating of love and knowledge, no one is ever held hostage. For Wisdom comes in many forms , living life FULLY until our bodies are worn. When we leave , another tree is born, the tree of life continues, no need to mourn.

We all have a light and shadow.  I am in my light and brightest when I am holding my grandchildren. Breaking bread with family and friends The more we shine, our shadow goes into the Divine ."Just for today , let the spirit of your light shine"

Live your life on purpose. Before you came here you proposed to help the collective in anyway, shape or form.

"Just for today , let the spirit of your purpose have you"


You are waiting for a miracle, you are hoping for a miracle, you are praying for a miracle, You have forgotten, YOU ARE THE MIRACLE.

"Just for today , let the spirit of you, the miracle of you, have you."


I wonder where the sadness went when we heal our hearts with a magical event. "Just for today , let the spirit of your inner magic have you"

The Divine,  cannot flow through us if we are holding any tension. Just for today, breathe, dance, do yoga, go to the gym, walk to release stress or tension from our body. Allow your Divine self to shine through."Just for today, let the spirit of exercise have you."

Do something special for someone this day .Only You and the Divine have knowledge of what you are doing or giving. "Just for today, let the spirit of Generosity have you."

You do not have to keep running faster to reach your destination. Slow and steady on the wings of the divine, there you will reach your destiny. Breath, patience, acceptance is all that is required. "Just for today enjoy the spirit of your personal journey." 

I am praying & playing, even swaying at moments standing still. Time has no reason or even a season for moments when body does chill. Simplicity is BEING, simply BREATHING the art of spirits will. You discover that LIFE is and can be a THRILL. When you do, the whole of you, your energy is free, YOU, ME, WE, become THEE "Just for today, letting spirit have me".

Just when you think that you have cried an ocean, a new wave comes up to greet you. You can either embrace it or push it away. I say, embrace it. Grief comes in many forms, loss of our finances, loss of a spouse, loss of our health, it could be a child a parent and old way of being. Grief can be a loss of how we were. A shedding of old self. What ever your grief is, ride the wave, "just for today let the spirit of grief, good grief have you". Grief shows us the depth, the compassion of our love.

What are the three best hours in our day? This second, this minute, this moment. "Just for NOW, let the spirit of the day have you."

Anger is the God given emotion that allows you to know a boundary has been violated. " Just for today, let the spirit of your boundaries have you"

As she sits in heaven, perched, her body no longer hurts. Her soul soars with laughter as family & friends gather to honor her life of love, she travels on the wings of a dove as she giggles, "Just for today, I am letting the spirit of love everlasting have me."

I have seen her suffering and asked why. I have heard her pleas and seen her cry, Out of nowhere a voice from high, "Her spirit, her will, her joy Is strong in her time. She will, will her will and say goodbye." Just for today let the spirt of death and dying have her.

The day came when she recognized she was spirit and a fire was forever ignited into the spirit of her heart. "Just for today let the spirit of who you are have you."

Don't give up, "Just for today let the spirit of challenges have you."

Believe in you, believe in me Believe in we, believe in thee Believe in this, believe in bliss Believe in now, believe in wow "Just for today let the spirit of your beliefs have you." Power up your life and believe that anything is possible.

Power up your life, say I'm sorry. "Just for today let the spirit of forgiveness have you."

Today, follow your own rhythm, sing your internal OM. "Just for today, let the spirit of your song have you."

Don't take yourself so personal. It hurts your heart. "Just for today, let the spirit of freedom have you."

Hear that?, yes she said,"It is the sound of a peaceful twilight" See that?, yes, "It is the setting of a days end" Smell that?, yes," it is the apples in their decay lying under the tree for one more day" Feel that?, yes, it is the pulse of life kicking in Amanda's belly in anticipation of her journey into life. Ah, you have paid attention to the details today,God /Goddess said Yes, "Just for today I let the spirit of LIFE have me"

Our hands are a beautiful way to express our creativity, our love, our abundance. We make music, we talk with our hands, we heal with our hands, we earn our daily bread with the help of our hands. They guide us to make our lives exquisite. "Just for today let the spirit of your hands have you. Lend a hand."

Witnessing those we love when they are suffering is not for the weak of heart. Yet, Spirit reminds us that all is in Divine order. Our loved ones, us, we are living our divine Sacred Contracts. "Just for today, Let the Spirit of our Sacred Contracts have us."

Witnessing those we love when they are suffering is not for the weak of heart. Yet, Spirit reminds us that all is in Divine order. Our loved ones, us, we are living our divine Sacred Contracts. "Just for today, Let the Spirit of our Sacred Contracts have us."

We have many friends; we have spiritual friends, Facebook friends, playful friends, devoted friends, friendly friends. But are we a friend to ourselves? Watch your thoughts today, are you praising self, loving self? "Just for today, Let Spirit of Loving Self have you."

We may "let Spirit have us" and allow what is left unsaid GO But we will not make the same mistake again, because NOW, yes, we Know. "Just for today, let the Spirit of Divine Lessons have us."

Just for today I will my will to stop looking so I can see, to stop talking so I can hear, to stop receiving so I may give, to eat healthy so I continue to live Just for today, I will stop running, so I can stand still and open my heart to Spirit's will. "Just for today, I will let spirit have me."

Patience is required on your path to change With choices you make there need be no pain, Slow and Steady, one day at a time, It is not the Destination but the beauty of your climb. The Earth, the planets, the sky, it is all within you No need to question or wonder why Your path is yours, you may seek for direction Let Go and Let God For you are perfection "Just for today, let the spirit of Patience have you."

Love like there is no tomorrow, Love like you have never experienced sorrow, Love as the trees need the breeze to cool off their leaves. Love as a newborn needing their mommy to feed, Love as your first kiss, the tenderness the moisture as deep as the mist, LOVE, LOVE, LOVE "Just for today let the spirit of love have you."

Another day in paradise, the sun is shining, Your day is a struggle, your heart feels like fire and ice, You are not your usual sugar and spice. No worries, "this too shall pass". "Just for today let the spirit of acceptance have you."

No matter where we have been, No matter where we are going, What matters most is this moment in time. The Holy Now, "Just for today allow the flow of the Divine to have you."

Your soul always knows, guides you, never told wakes you in the morning with a hint of just a kiss prays with you at night ,with gratitude ,not a moment in your day to be missed Your soul will speak to you in your dreams , awakening what is inside ,guiding you , soul will assist. "Just for today , let the spirit of the truth of your Soul , have you"

To speak ill of someone , even if you are upset is like taking a bad pill that got struck in your throat eventually , it will make YOU sick. "Just for today , let the spirit of speaking words of kindness and compassion have you"

I Have seen the sun, seen the rain, I have felt the joy and felt the pain I have hear the song, danced the dream I have smelt my newborn, in her death ,I did scream I have touched reality, sensed the Divine I have come to realize there is no Time I must live my life, the choices are MINE. Just for today, let the spirit of our choices have us"

I was dreaming I was madly in love, I awoke and there he was. "Just for today let your dreams and love have you" . For those of you not with a mate or partner, remember we are never alone, when you Wake Up to your inner beloved, the spirit of the divine is always with you , in you , throughout you. Love deep, Love big , Dream Bigger.

SUMMERTIME, light , airy, freeing. A sacred time to reconnect with people , places. A time to reconnect with the light and understanding of relationships that have eluded us for a few years. A time to see and embrace the goodness and light in each individual . We are only human after all with a great desire to love and be loved and it is up to us to confront and bless everyone with the spirit of acceptance ,forgiveness and joy. " Just for today , let the spirit of relationships have you"

There will be days when we are in the joy of living but we will still be flooded with painful memories. Allow them to flow over you like a warm blanket on a cold evening. It is only GOOD GRIEF. Charlie Brown was on to something. "Just for today allow Good Grief to have you"

Today , I am going to live my day as if it is my last. I am going to really taste my first cup of coffee, I am going to look into John's eyes before he goes for his bike ride with longing for his return. I will enter the White Lilly with awe and wonder. I am going to embrace whatever , chaos or order with amazement and joy , as if I am seeing , feeling, hearing, people , places and things for the first time. " "Just for today I am letting spirit have me"

YOU are a gift , right now in the PRESENT. What is your Deepest Gift? "Just for today let the Spirit of your gifts have you"

Be open to all possibilities. Be open with non- judgement. You never know what or who the universe will surprise you with. "Just for today , let the spirit of POSSIBILITIES have you" Fill in the blank,"WHAT IF ____________,now wait, watch , celebrate.

FATE is the Mirage, DESTINY is the Miracle. "Just for today , let the spirit of Miracles have you"

Stop waiting for and wanting someone to fix you, it�s an inside job. "Just for today , let the spirit of your inner healer have you".

I was helping someone yesterday who was concerned and has been worried about the same issue now for many years. � , Until you change your story this will not pass as quickly as you would like it.� I was feeling compassion for her but really until we change our story and are willing to Let Go , our story does not change. We have a bad day, we have a good day, "This too shall pass". Everything in and around us is in constant change, our cells , our brain tissue, our nervous system , we awake, we sleep, the sun rises , the sun sets. Change. that is the point, why do we hold on knowing this will pass? Allow the flow of change and respond with ,Let Go ,Let God. Create , Monitor yourself as the tides,, In , Out, enjoy the moment , flow, let go. Just for Today let the Spirit of Letting Go & Change, have you

WHAT are you searching for? WHO are you searching for? Turn around, look in the mirror, There, isn't that better. Stop searching, stop seeking. YOU have been there all along. "Just for today, let the spirit of YOUR essence have you"

Today, June 24th is Fairy Day. A day to believe in magic, the unknown, the possibilities, the what ifs'. Free your mind from judgements and allow the magic to return. " Just for today, let the fairies have you"

There will be days when everything in our lives looks hazy, days when we feel hopeless and lazy, there will be upsetting news from afar, it will all seem bizarre, but Alas, this too shall pass, and your will remember" Just for today, let the spirit of Acceptance have you"

Gluten Free recipe of the day "A heart filled with love,a drop of mindfulness, an ounce of compassion, a cup of joy. Let it simmer while you are in prayer or meditation , let it rise up and share with others. "Just for today, let the spirit of your creation, have you"

Our Reality comes from deep within us. To create or change your world, Love endlessly, Pray daily, give unconditionally, Serve as if no one is watching, just for today, let spirit have you.

No matter our past, it does not last, in this moment we can reinvent ourselves."Just for today ,let the spirit of being the person you always wanted to be have you." If you want to change , be the change, if you are happy with who you are, EMBRACE yourself, other will.

I LOVE CTV MORNING LIVE. They help make Ottawa and surrounding area such an interesting place to live, love, pray, and play. BRAVO CTV and staff for all you are and all you do. "Just for today, let the spirit of gratitude have you"

Live you TRUTH, Follow your TRUTH, even when the world is in denial of what you know to be true. "Just for today, the the spirit of your truth have you" PS:I am thinking of David Walsh and his truth about Armstrong and everyone was in denial for some time but truth will always prevail, denial, lies exposed.

I see a yellow bird on the wire , suddenly I am filled with an inner fire to live this day, Sunday with joy and passion. "Just for today , let the spirit of the SUN in Sunday have you" thank you yellow bird, the sun is not shining but it is there.

Let's play, I AM (fill in the blank about YOU), "Just for today , let the spirit of playfulness have you" I am PLAYFUL, yepee

There will be days when a fear feels like we are walking a high wire. I have come to know that if we focus inward , know we are living our destiny ,not fated to our fear, to KNOW that spirit is guiding us , we can walk peacefully through that fear."Just for today ,let the spirit of your fear , your focus inward have you"

Everything we do, say and act out has an energy intelligence . We have the power to bring in light or shadow . Today , what are you choosing? Power up your life by focusing on the light within to beam throughout. Just for today ,let the spirit of your energy intelligence have you" (tm)

Mistakes are just that a MISS TAKE on what we are deciding , observing in that MOMENT. It might be right for that moment but we change, everything around us changes and when we realize this we move on, move forward and make another decision. " Just for today , let the spirit of your decisions have you " for in the moment they are in divine order.

An Offering ,either on your altar at home or a wee something to a family or friend is a thank you note to the universe. Offerings are not exchanges for something. It is giving unconditionally. "Just for today, Let the spirit of giving unconditionally have you"

ONLY YOU have the ability to transform your daily routines , your weekly hours, your monthly habits. Allow the energy , the memories of your ancestors, their wisdom to help you transform into your highest potential. "Just for today let the spirit of your ancestors have you"

I BELIEVE, Just for today, let the spirit of Belief have you. It can be a belief of your creavity, your employees or your employers, it can be a belief in something bigger than yourself. It can be a belief in yourself. A belief in the magic of now, the sacred, whatever you believe in , made it BIG... BEAUTIFUL, BLISSFUL, BELIEVE(tm)

The Shift starts within us, one foot forward, one breath in, one breath out ," Just for today let the spirit of your SHIFT have you"

Just when you think you can't dig deeper, love more, serve wider, laugh louder, dream bigger, you find out you CAN, because "JUST FOR TODAY YOU LET SPIRIT HAVE YOU"(tm)

Born Free, Live Free, BE Free, in your mind , body and spirit, "Just for today , let the spirit of Freedom have you", and gratitude for that freedom.

Today, will you choose to be proactive, or reactive. "Just for today let the spirit of your choices have you"

RAIN, I love you. You nourish our gardens , our plants ,our trees. The birds and animals can drink freely ,play in the breeze. "Just for today, let the spirit of the nourishment of the rain have you". Might as well love it, not going away.

Are you a better person Today than you were Yesterday? More at peace, more in love with life, more giving, more patience? You have the opportunity to change , one day at a time. " Just for today let the spirit of Change have you"

Are you fated to live your destiny or are you fated to change your destiny?? "Just for today, take charge and LIVE your destiny, Your dreams , Your Desires. Just remember we are here to serve, not what we deserve.

There will be times in our lives that we will become derailed from our destiny especially in time of trauma or challenge. We must remember the blessings and realize that we do not have to live in linear time and can breathe into the realm of the infinite � in sacred time.In sacred time in where true joy and healing is birthed. It is good to feel joy when all in life is joy filled but to BE joy, feel joy in challenges, this is sacred. this is the whole of the holy. . We must be gentle with ourselves and others." Just for today , let the spirit of our challenges and our joys have us"

To change and see a new reality if this one is not working for you, find new ways to see your life differently .Do you want to be right or happy?? Our anger is spirits way of showing us to pay attention and make a shift. LET SPIRIT HAVE US, Just for today.

I have come to realize that blaming ourselves for what happens to others is a form of self abuse. The EGO having its way with us. (Edging God Out) Today I am going to let the spirit of who I am have me. "just for today , let spirit have me.."especially today..

"happy landing on a chocolate bar", I awoke singing these lyrics this morning.. Oh dear the child archetype is having her way with me, just for today, let spirit have me.

"Stay out of people's minds.What they think of you is none of your business.It is trespassing. "Will they like me? what will they think?Trying to change the way people think of you is like trying to raise the dead.They have their projections & it is usually about themselves.Let go, Let God. Be yourself,the rest will happen. (rest your mind) You are lovable,that is all you need to know.You are ENOUGH, Let Spirit Have you, Just for this Day.

I close my eyes, to see more clearly, I close my mouth to hear more loudly, I open my heart , to love more deeply," Just for today , let spirit have me"

Yesterday we celebrated the Epiphany here in Tarpon Springs. I enjoyed the gifts of three wise friends I spent it with. One gave the gift of compassion, one, wisdom, the other, relaxation.Gifts rich with golden nuggets for the mind, body and soul. Just for today , let the spirit of the Magic have you.

It is not what we have, nor what we do that expresses our values, it is what we consider our worth, how we commit to self and serve others. "Just for today let the spirit of your worth have you"

TIME is only TIME, "Taking In Miracles Everyday","Just for today let the Spirit of Miracles have you"

Why do some think that the work they DO is their Soul Purpose. I have taught for many years that maybe our soul purpose might be as simple as enjoying a good cup of tea. To give praise and thanks for the growers of the tea, the people who worked to bring us the mug we are drinking out of, the clean water for the tea. a simple moment in time of gratitude can heal millions.. Or we might be running the tea company, our soul purpose is not what we DO , it is who we ARE. It is not what we DESERVE, it is how we best SERVE the collective. "Just for today, let the spirit of your true purpose have you".. It might be only a moment in time but will carry's on for generations.

When something or someone throws us a curve ball, Something we only THINK we cannot handle, catch it, and let it go. "Just for today, Let the spirit of letting go have you."

The purpose of our inner Avatar is to rid ourselves of old beliefs, old values, old reactions. Our inner Avatar will also help us to stand for our beliefs, stand for our truth. "Just for today, let the spirit of your inner Avatar have you"

Bringing out the trash, the trash that lives within its starting to stink and clog my brain with junk making my head spin. "Just for today , letting the spirit of decluttering have me"

and she said, "Completely understand honey. 
Soak up the love coming your way from all directions.
In joy "and you knew you were loved, you felt her acceptance and
allowed spirit to have you through her kindness"
"Just for today let the spirit of friendship have you"

"Laugh away yesterday, Live for today, Look forward to tomorrow with love. Just for today, let the spirit of every moment have you"