Interview with Lilly White

Another one of our fabulous sponsors is Lilly White. We met Lilly through the shop and took an instant liking to this woman.(And that was before she decided to be one of our show sponsors so you can just imagine how we feel about her now!)

We think you will too. Here's our VERY interesting interview with Lilly White of Whitelight, The White Lilly and Power Up Your Life. Talk about a triple threat.

Hi Lilly!

Hi Girls.

You look ravishing as usual.

Thank you! This ensemble is part of the new line of clothing I'm carrying in my new shop, The White Lilly.

It's got kind of a "comfort meets style meets yoga retreat meets going out for a glass of vino on the way home from a run to the grocery store before it closes" vibe going for it.

If you know what we mean.

Our kind of outfit! But lets talk about clothes later. First, let's talk about you.

You've been a spiritual leader in Almonte for years, why did you decide to open this space down at Heritage Court?

How much time have we got?


Well then I'll give you the long version. It's more interesting.

We love long versions.

We moved to Almonte in 2006 in search of a bigger location to ouse Whitelight Workshops and bring in guest speakers from around the world. We also opened a yoga studio.

For 4+ years we operated "Whitelight Retreat" from the home we found on Christian street.

But last summer, after a visit with our grandchildren in New Brunswick, it became clear that we needed more time with them so we sold the house and purchased 6 acres to house Whitelight/Serenity House on the East coast. Three days before our move, the house we were to purchase had a fire. After we accessed the damage it was clear that Spirit was directing us back to Almonte. What's more, is that it just so happened that the day of the fire our daughter back in Ottawa conceived a baby! And we were to be here NOW with her, not in NB. All very confusing, but when Spirit speaks, I've learned to listen!

In November, through a vision I was given in meditation, I was shown detailed images from a dream I had in 2005.

Wait a minute. You remember dreams from decades past? We can't remember if we fed our kids lunch!

You don't?

Touche. Please continue.

That dream in 2005 was to design clothing around the four spiritual realms, "the Angel, the Fairy, the Wise One and the Star". By the way, these realms are the basis of my training and reading people is one of my greatest strengths. The designs were to be named "Goddess on the Go". I returned to Bali in 2005 to look for a designer for Goddess on the Go, but at that time things just weren't clicking. I was unable to find someone who understood my vision, and the funds simply were not available. So I tucked that dream away until just this pastOctober when I was back in Bali with two of my good friends. While running to be somewhere, I spotted a store and stopped dead in my tracks at the name.

Not "Goddess on the Go"!

You got it!

Told you we loved long versions!

When I read "Goddess on the Go" on the store sign, I turned to my friends and said, "Hey girls, there is my store! Same designs!". I still had a copy of the paperwork from years ago, with designs, the name ofstore, all dated December 5, 2005.

You need to frame that paperwork and put it up in your store. I mean seriously.

When Spirit gives us something creative and we do not act, someone else will. I am sure we all have stories around that universal law.

That completely puts into words what we've always believed. We hate when people beat us to the punch! So then what happened!?

I needed to find a location for the shop! So the next month I went to see Gord Pike, a local landlord who was in the process of restoring a building on Almonte's Mill Street. On my way to the meeting I told Spirit that if Gord was at the site, it would be a sign for me to goahead with this idea. The idea of bringing Bali to Almonte. I entered the building and there was Gord and his wife Bonnie. We discussed my plans, they were encouraging, and Gord used the phrase "energy of the place". He was speaking my languageand I was hooked.

Now all I had to do was return to Bali in Feb and start buying.

Rough life.

I approached Janet O' Mallory, owner of Goddess on the Go and she was shocked to see my drawings and name of designs I had from 2005 . We agreed I should not use Goddess on the Go, but Goddess to Go. Thus began the buying of her unique designs which were incredibly similar to the designs I had from 2005. The concept was for the clothing to be wrinkle free, easy to travel , affordable , adorable.

Sounds awesome. We can't wait to get in there! When do you open?

Next week!

We'll be there! Ok. Next question. Beyond the obvious reason, is there any other story behind the name of your shop, The White Lilly?

Yes, a beautiful one. I have a spiritual family that I stay with in Bali. Agung Prana and his family. Agung is the King of a small village and owns many business. He used to own a garment factory. He is now a spiritual leader and his sons run his Villas and other enterprises. National Geographic did a story on him a few years ago on his project for the restoration of coral reef. We were on our way to temple one evening in February (we go almost every evening). I was dressed in white, and Agung Prana looked at me and said "Ah, here comes our White Lilly". I felt it in my solar plexus, the love, the respect and I knew spirit was speaking, the business was not Goddess to Go , but in fact, the White Lilly.

We're going to have to stop you for a second here Lilly.

Let's get this straight.

You have a friend that is a KING, a spiritual leader, an enterprises(plural) owner and has been written up in National Geographic for coral reef restoration efforts? And you want to sponsor our craft show? We're not worthy...we're not worthy...we're not worthy...

Next question.

You're obviously an avid traveler, and we can only imagine the beautiful items that will be available! What can people expect to find at The White Lilly?

They will come home to themselves. They will be drawn to see, feel who they really are, from the inside out. They will come to understand the difference between glamour andtrue beauty. The clothing will be garments to enhance their highest potential. Some of the clothing is made of Modele, a combination of Bamboo and Birchtree. It's a material that flows , softens and enhances. Natural fibres to enhance the natural, the nature of YOU.

We also have many gems and jewellery from Bali and the Mayan.

I feel that every home needs an alter, it altars the energy of our sacred space, so we will be carrying ROOT Candles as well. There will be unique purses, silk scarfs andmore.

And last but not least, can you tell us how you'll be incorporating your existing business, White Light, into the space? Will the two businesses operate as one?

And, if so, how will they compliment each other?

As you are aware, I am a certified Medium, a certified Archetypal Consultant, Certified Angel Therapist and a Reiki Master. I began my journey into the spirit of self in 1991. Thus began a journey of miracles.

I grew up in retail, my mother owned a dress shop and my father a sporting goods store in Stephenville, NFLD. After our daughters arrived I began my marketing career which lasted for 14 yrs.

In 1993 I began to work as a Sales Rep for 12yrs with Crabtree & Evelyn, Canadian Greetings, Innovation, Oranage Crate & Scantrade. I loved that work. It wasn't so much work as it was networking and meeting interesting people. But Whitelight was taking most of my time and in 2006 before we moved to Almonte I knew from adream that it was time to LET GO and give my full attention to Whitelight. In 2001, I purchased a tool for meditation, rest and guidance called The Trinity Table. This has been afocus for Whitelight now for over ten years. I decided to house the table at Heritage Court to make it accessible to everyone

Whitelight/The White Lilly is a perfect combination as I will be housing workshops , consultations, our meetings for Breakfast with Soul, Mayan Study group and Power up your Life in this new location. Upon entering Whitelight/the White Lilly, my hope is that you discover a world that resides inside of you, a world that reflects your beauty, your pleasure, your passion.. When we know who we are, when we can access our deepest selves, when we reflect that light onto others, then and only then are we filled with Abundance, the Abundance of Hope, Compassion, Love, Unity & Peace.

That is the Spirit of who we are.

Wow Lilly. Thank you so much for taking the time to talk to us today. And also, for sponsoring us in our creative endeavours. We wish you nothing but huge success here in Almonte.

Thanks girls.

When you're in Almonte for Handmade Harvest May 7th, take a stroll downtown and give Lilly a visit at her new Heritage Court home. 14 Mill Street