Phone Readings
Lilly combines both intuition and astrologyto convey valuable messages that come from a higher source. " The benefit of a phone reading is "no ego can get in the way -- these reading are clear and concise." Please email your birth information, Date, Time, Place.

If you prefer you can also have a reading via Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp , Skype or Zoom Video

What You Can Expect From a Reading?
Lilly couples her intuitive abilities with cards and your birth chart to give a complete reading. An average reading runs for one/half  hour and the cost is $125.00.

Whether you're looking for clarity in your personal or business life, need to face a fear or obstacle, want to know the difference between your fate vs destiny or open to your true empowered self, Lilly's readings will give you valuable messages from your own spiritual realm. You will discover which of the four realms you are from. The realm of your soul.

 Lilly says, "I am a soul catcher and will mirror your soul back to you. YOU already know this information but sometimes we loose ourselves in the art of living and I am here to give you " tools for intuitive living". (tm)  


phone: 613-292-3292