What is Spiritual Coaching & Personal Transformation?

Personal Transformation is about learning to live life fully. It's about reclaiming our lives in ways that bring renewed meaning, energy and happiness to ourselves and others.

During the process of transformation, we gradually learn how to truly live. We find what we are called to do, and also, how to access our inner fire and joy. Concurrently, aspects of ourselves and our lifestyle that no longer serve us are discarded. As we tap into our real selves - living our deepest values and ideals - we become connected with all of life.

To transform ourselves, we must become conscious of who we are, become self-aware. This awareness helps us to merge with our essential nature. We discover and make conscious our unconscious, so we don't unconsciously sabotage our efforts. In transforming our lives, we reclaim our unowned parts, discovering our social, mental, and emotional imprinting.

Transformation frees us from our own internal resistance, from the confines of our self-imposed constraints, enabling us to make radical shifts in the way we live. Over time, it aligns our body, heart, and mind with our deeper spiritual nature, which gives us freedom from old, habituated living. With this freedom, we move closer to our highest self, essence, soul or "god self." We are all God Creators, now let us go Create God..

Lilly helps with your transformation through the lens of  Archetypes, Angels,  Astrology,. 


Phone Mentoring Program

This program consists of three, 2 hour conversations via phone. You will come to an understanding of your fate vs:  your destiny. 

First you will email me your birthday, time and place of birth. 

We begin by you choosing your 12 archetypes  . This work is based on my studies with Caroline Myss and her CMED classes which I  graduated from in 2005 and am certified in. 

You will delve into your astrology chart  and place your twelve archetypes into each house of your astrology wheel.

I will teach you why it is important to Know Thyself and once you know who you are and why you choose your sacred contract you will be steps ahead in reading others intuitively. 

I am a soul catcher and will mirror the soul of who you are back to you. YOU already know this information but sometimes we loose ourselves in the art of living and I am here to give you " tools for intuitive living". (tm) 

Fee:$ 150.00 plus tax for 2 hour session via Skype, FaceTime or Phone 

Fee : $ 400.00 for 6 hour phone session via Skype, FaceTime or Phone. 

$50.00 for your Workbook ,Astrology House cards.  Total cost $450.00 

Number of sessions

Lilly is also available for AAA workshops , discover your fate vs your destiny . Minimum of 10 participants, maximum 20. Call her today for more details , 613 -292 3292.