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"Sometimes a grave is not for bodies. It can be for the soul .

 The tomb of our fate.

That forbidding fateful soul contract.

For most of my life I have had weighty concerns & fears of living in madness, addiction & love.

I either had too much or not enough of all three.

I'd hear ,"I love you ,then be beaten within  a second for my next breathe .

I was on pins and needles constantly . Survival became a daily prayer.

 By 13 ,I was on booze, by 36 , I was on my knees begging to a higher power to help me end it all. 

The day is Oct 7th, 1991. I have no idea how that prayer is going to be answered. I am about to find out what real madness is, learn about addiction and find love through letting go and finally in death.

You are about to take a wild journey with me. Hang on, you will laugh out loud, hold your breath, allow tears to flow. “ 

 You will come to know that no matter what life throws at us , we are all whole, holy. 


 365 Power Up Your Life, tools for intuitive living ,is available on Amazon .ca or Amazon .com

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MADNESS, ADDICTION & LOVE is now available on 
 available on Amazon .ca  & Amazon .com
Review or Madness, Addiction & Love . 


This book is honest, courageous and will help future generations who suffer from Addictions, Mental health . It will cast a spell of love and hope to all those who needlessly suffer. Andrew Harvey

Lilly White has written a book that is raw with pain, humor, and heart vulnerability.  I highly recommend this book for its authenticity and insight.  I plan to share it with my therapy clients.
Deborah Owen-Sohocki, LPC
Two thumbs up for Madness Addiction & Love. Your story was so raw and honest. You were so authentic. I laughed, cried but mostly was inspired. Thank you for being you. The planet needs you NOW.,  Susan Hilton

 Review for 365 Ways to POWER UP YOUR LIFE

“This book is not only inspired, it’s a valuable life tool. I highly recommend adding this treasure to your book shelf.” ~ Caroline Myss, author of Sacred Contracts and Anatomy of the Spirit When life is painful, you feel helpless, defeated, and empty. What if in those dark days, you could discover a power that will sustain you and bring you joy every day, no matter what the circumstances? Lilly White encountered a three-year dark night of the soul which took her to her knees, where she only had one prayer, “Spirit, have me.” That simple prayer, led Lilly to a deep wisdom and an enduring joy, even when challenges occurred. In this book, Lilly shares short daily inspirations designed to bring you peace, joy, and an unshakable faith. Spend a year with Lilly and find wellsprings of power to last your entire life.


Hey there Lilly. . . received your book Saturday around 3 pm. . . didn't start reading it until yesterday morning:) Had a "girls' night Saturday, so I wouldn't dare start reading it then. I'm almost finished it. After burning my supper!!! LOL LOVE LOVE the book:) Thanks so much.


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