"Lilly is The Adventure" ~Elaine Lindsay

Certified by Doreen Virtue as: 

Certified by Caroline Myss as:
     ARCHETYPE Consultant
Reiki Master & Power Up Your Life host


Author•  Public speaker and a Fairy travelling with her tales.

May you have FAIRY DUST at your feet ,
LAUGHTER in your belly and JOY in your Heart.

~ Lilly White


 Lilly’s daily ritual is “Just for Today “ Let Spirit Have You”  .  July of 2010 it became clear Spirit had other plans for her Whitelight Retreat so her and husband John sold their  1890 heritage home  to make room for Lilly’s next adventure. In April of 2011 she opened Whitelight and The White Lilly a retail/service business at 14 Mill St, Heritage Court, Almonte. This business was born from one of her visits to Bali where she met Janet O'Malley and  her Goddess on the Go clothing line.   Janet's love for fabrics and Lilly's love for fashion was a perfect fit. This Eco friendly easy to care, easy to wear clothing line was a win win for those who love to travel and feel their best , anywhere,anytime. 

After many successful years working in retail sales and marketing, Lilly White realized that she was increasingly drawn to helping others fulfill their highest potential. After studying with such experts as Caroline Myss, Dr. Doreen Virtue and Dr. Mario Martinez, Lilly moved to Almonte ,Ontario  from Ottawa. She opened White Light Retreat to house "The Trinity Table"and  host workshops.

However, In May of 2012 , Tragedy struck the very fabric of Lilly's family. Death of their daughter Melanie of 37 yrs in May of 2012. That same week, Lilly's mother was diagnosed with stage four cancer and transitioned in Oct of 2013. In between those dates her father had a stroke. It became clear that being confined in a store location was not what spirit wanted so she closed the White Lilly in March of 2014.
It was time to grieve ,experience sorrow and once again , "Let Spirit have her" . For a year she and John travelled , rested and did NO Thing. Something that Lilly who is from the fairy realm found difficult.  As the months passed , the dark night of the soul became brighter. Then their daughter Amanda gave birth to another daughter . John and Fairy Lilly began to see and feel light once again. Tatiana and Zofia were the sparkle to any dark day. "Life is a gift ",became her mantra. 
She was now ready to live her passion once again. 
Lilly has the first in Canada Trinity Table, a simple concept which utilizes passive motion, providing a gentle rocking and slow rotation. These movements have been proven scientifically to aid in deepening relaxation enabling a person to attain Alpha, Theta and even Delta states of relaxation. She purchased this tool for intuitive living in June of 2001 and was the basis for her business Whitelight which she opened in August of 2001. There are presently 15 of these tables in the world and Whitelight houses the only one in Canada. This device will help you relax as you spin counter clock-wise in a relaxed atmosphere of soft lights, eyes covered and music in background. It is under this trance that you enter your Theta  state and it is where true healing occurs. You will experience a deep level of meditation not found in our traditional culture.
You can book a session through + RESOURCES  and begin your journey into an empowered you. Lilly will take you through your archetypes, your angels, your astrology chart and you will come away with an understanding of your Fate vs your destiny. 
Lilly visits Bali yearly and will take you on your spiritual journey of a lifetime.Her next  trip is Nov 2017 with Andrew Harvey and Nov 2018 with Dr Ramilla . (Weightless in Bali )