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Guidelines for Breakfast with SOUL

A morning with Soul Companions

Let me give you a wee bit of history first

In 2006 we moved to Almonte , Ontario (25 min from Ottawa) to open a retreat center.

I began to sit in a coffee shop, “the groundz “ each morning to meet people.

We would discuss my work , Archetypes, Angels, Spirituality and before I knew what was happening there was a group of us . I began to meet these people the last Friday of each month. We would meet at the coffee shop 7:00am to 9:00am. Some months I would be alone , another month maybe two people would show up, and then the next month perhaps 20 of us. I never judged or worried about the number. Whoever showed up, my mantra became, ‘Their soul was invited” From this group I found volunteers for my Power Up Your Life Empowerment weekends with Dr. Mona Lisa Shultz in 2009 and Andrew Harvey in 2011. I did not discourage anyone from joining us and I was able to post in our local paper “the Humm” , in their calendar , free of charge. Find out if you have one in your town and because this is a non profit event they are happy to print. People need to know there is a community of like minded people who have beliefs similar as their own and not be judged. In time “Breakfast with Soul” was located to my home where we could meet , greet and commune , break bread together without the distraction of coffee shop distractions. Fee to open Breakfast with Soul is $25.00 and will be donated to Mental Health Association.

This fee allows you to use Breakfast with soul logo

Anything from my this website. Includes 365 Ways to Power Up Your Life book at half the cost to be used during your sessions. Holy Water from Bali & Lourdes plus Bali Incense to open your prayer . Opening prayer in your package.

There is no cross talk in sessions. (the know it all adviser) Everyone is in the arms of the Divine and listening with compassion.

You may want to have your own topic or let spirit have you , read a pagefrom “365 Ways to Power Up “and allow the discussion to move in Divine flow.

Use your Angel Cards or whatever cards you are custom to and have each guest pick one when they enter your sacred space or coffee shop, wherever you are meeting. I have always found this an easy way to allow our soul companions to introduce themselves . Let them know you are on limited time .We do not want to shut them down but when discussion begins they can share more at that phase of gathering . End with one word you wish to bring out into the world after your discussion for the day and balance with all saying “YES “ in unison. If you have any questions please call me at 613-292-3292.