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Grand Opening , Centre of Hope

We would like to introduce ourselves to you , our names are Andrew Harvey and Lilly White . We are both spiritual teachers from North America who have been profoundly moved and transformed by the beauty and truth of the sacred traditions of Bali. Lilly White was for over a decade a close friend of Agung Prana whose heroic work has been about healing through grace. He has won over 32 awards . His latest award was CNN Hero’s award for his work on his Coral Reef project.
Lilly introduced Andrew to Agung Prana and it was Mr Prana that suggested, inspired by their meeting that they should together with Lilly create in Bali a “Center of Hope”. This center has now after the death of Agung Prana in July started to take clear shape and we would be so honoured if you could join us as a participant at our opening Oct 28, 29,30th . Workshops will be held in Pemuteran Nov 1-Nov 8th. Event dates are Oct 28th- Nov 8th, 2019.

The essential vision of the center is simple- “to bring though the wisdom of sacred ancient Bali the most progressive and wise new thinking and support to the west, to help create solutions in every realm of science, art, economic and politics for our increasing endangered world.”

For the opening in October, Andrew and Lilly are going to invite some of the most important enlightened businessmen, politicians, economist artists and visionaries on the planet to meet and commune with those of the same categories in Bali. Such an event has not happened before and we are certain we can build a fountain of creativity and hope for Asia and the world.