More Please, Enough already.

IMG_7079I was reading something today and it said, If you want more money, more healthy lifestyle, more relationships , This is the steps to follow.I went into my judge,or maybe I put on my discernment cap. Why do we need more of anything? All is in Divine order, NOW. Once we realize we are enough , we will always have enough. It may not look that way to others but it is never any ones business. It is only between us and spirit. Our soul. Only Ego says,"I want more". I have more than I need. I have enough debts to sink a ship but they were lessons I brought onto myself when opeing a business. They will be looked afer when I am in alignment with my intent. I have more love than this small mind, body , spirit can handle. All I have to do is cuddle with one of my Grands and I am in heaven's love. The energy is so BIG, it is difficult to expalin here. More , I do not need More, I do not need anymore like before. I am here now, that is ENOUGH because I am ENOUGH.