The Spirit of Everything , the Spirit of no thing

I love how the buddha says that all suffering comes from desire In our desires , or want of things we enter an illusion ,for all things pass. The moment of accepting this is were our freedom resides.

What makes us happy today will pass in the morrow. A simple thing ,our craving for food , this will pass through us. It will nourish us for a moment, fill us , leave us. Some of our eating habits make us ill and we can't get it out of ourselves fast enough .

This is much like what we crave to have. The car, the house, the junk we accumulate, the stuff. The need to be first, right, the need for power. We become stuffed energetically.
We become ill, either physically,emotionally or both. Once we release all desires and accept what is in front of us ,we are free. We become empty and spirit fills us with what we need , not what we want or desire. IF we are unable to let go, spirit will do it for us and it will feel like we have entered the gates of hell. It can be a house, a business, a family or family members, our dreams. Our ego will say NO , while our soul say's," I told you so". The flames will burn us to ashes , alas we will rise again. It cannot be any other way. It is a natural law.

Today , let us fill ourselves with prayer, meditation, water ,the bare necessaries. Feel how you jump out of bed tomorrow. Love deep but have no attachments. Do not take anything personally. Be with the spirit of you. Our spirit needs no thing. In this WE are EVERYTHING.