I am loved

003I look in a mirror today and I see joy , I see love. I look into my eyes that are 59 years and I see the eyes of a 10 year old. They are sparkling, alive , filled with hope and love .These eyes , the pathway to the soul . They have been loved by a Catholic for over forty years , a Muslim since 2000 , an Atheist for the last few months, a Protestant in my early teens, and my Dad, a United Church boy , he loved me all my life. Dad's Mother , Lillian,, whom I am named after, was Salvation Armey so my roots and the love of who I am run deep. My Heart is like a bowl of jelly beans. I am forever grateful that I am and have been loved by so many ,in so many different ways. I did not need to give my body away to feel this love. I was able to witness the divine running through us . It does not matter if I or my beloved are together at all times. It is enough to know that we were together in spirit. Imagine, being loved by so many ,from different parts of the world, so many different religions. We do not question each other, only look deep and see each others energy. That is all that is needed. If only we could all feel this love. There would be no judgement. I am so blessed to be loved , to have been loved.To Love. My wish for the planet during this time of chaos , STOP, feel love, for there you will FEEL you. In finding YOU , you now have tools to help those in need. xoxo