The Spirit of Mysticism


The Spirit of MysticismOur purpose in life is "how do we manage our power?" How do we become empowered? How do we become one with the beloved.

Let's begin with our daily habits. Walk ,stretch,yoga, at least five days a week No smoking No alcohol Eat real food,fruits and vegetables Sleep Sex Find something that gives you joy , it can be as simple as a flower, your altar, the smell of incense. a smile from you to someone in need or via versa. Remember to look towards the sun, allow your eyes to open to the sun, sunshine ,shines on our tomorrows.

Self regulation. what does that mean? Develop self esteem. know that you are enough. Find a professional who will take you softly through your memories before the age of seven, process them, feel them , let go. without a healing connection to ones parents there is no healing. Relax, take the time to meditate. Start small , 15 mins a day. Learn to develop spiritual attunement. We all want a Mystical experience with God Meditation is the beginning ,the getting ready to enter mysticism. The essence to mysticism is detachment. Do not take yourself so seriously. There are many tools to mysticism. We have access to Angels,Archetypes,Master Guides our Soul,God If you are not comfortable with God, use Good Orderly Direction Follow that energy, you will follow the self that is leading you into your essence. Just for today, let the spirit of Mysticism have you" Another way to Power Up Your Life.Tools for intuitive living. (TM)