Power Up YoUr Life, Start SHARING

Power Up Your Life, start Sharing.Allow your Angels to know you are caring. You are sharing yourself today with nothing in return, You allow the energy to flow, without feeling you're getting burned. You have a desire to make a difference, to follow the path of truth, to "give in light and compassion, without taking and expecting redemption " a quote from the "Biblical Ruth".

Letting go of our desire to give with non attachment is a lesson few of us learn and understand . Our intent may be to give freely but have we harvested that desire to "Let Go" or are we still seeding, waiting for acceptance to grow. Once we have an understanding of self love and are able to give and receive (and I don't mean material stuff or ego longings ), you will give, without expecting something in return? Can you receive without guilt or felling unworthy? Do you feel you have to sell a piece of yourself. An Angel told me a long time ago that we will have heart issues if we are not in balance. Stretch out your arms,(they are next to your heart) now see how you are balanced. Right hand is for receiving, Left hand other for giving. Once we acknowledge that this giving is coming from something deeper inside ourselves ,  then is it free. Free from expectations. Spirit continues to live, breath through us. Spirit has a voice . Living from our hearts ,(the eye of the needle) is one key , one step to Power Up Your Life. HUGS.xo