Miracles, be awake and aware.

Miracles surround us consistently. To feel and see them we must be awake and aware of who we are and what our destiny is. Some of us are blessed to reach an age when we are called elders.

We begin to see patterns. We are able to go back and review. We continue to witness the universe and how it has arranged our lives based on what we choose.

We make these choices day to day, year after year.

We see miracles and our vision is expanded into the certainty that everything is possible. One of my favourite miracles is invoking peace through my breathe in the mist of chaos .

Today,  ask yourself , "What is my miracle?"

Is it the miracle of forgiveness, tolerance, or love without conditions?

Perhaps it is the miracle of service with no expectations.  Is it the miracle of embracing an opportunity that comes along? You may be anxious but you acknowledge this new prospect as your destiny.

Is your  miracle this day, to comfort someone, see him or her smile for the first time in a long while?

Your miracle may very will be to remain a good friend , a devoted grandmother, a dedicated worker, a faithful spouse , a helpful neighbor .

Miracles are in and around us without end.

“Just for today, let the spirit of your miracle have you “

PS:  Email me  your miracle.  Sharing is one way to create wonders & dreams  for others. We are all miracle workers. You only have to believe.