The mentally ill are leading the mentally ill.

There is some serious shite going on in the world around us and in our own lives. The mentally ill are leading the mentally ill.

I had the privilege of accompanying someone in crisis today. We were at a victim- supported institution.  I was appalled at what we call a bureaucratic system in place to help victims. This system in place is unstable.  We sit there, take it in and leave thinking there is nothing we can do.

What is happening is the same story over and over. Repeating the same behaviours. The one  suffering  are the children. How can they have faith and trust if the SYSTEM which is in place to protect, does not know how? Where do they go?

Thank God for the wisdom of this friend, she is sane and will help her children to understand but most parents do not have the tools to cope.

It is another example of the mentally ill leading, guiding the mentally ill. At what point do we say ENOUGH. When do we tell the court system,” Are you blind or stupid? “. Oh, wait, neither, you are also mentally ill. At least those working and running the place are.

Yes, I am being very judgmental today but I saw first hand the insanity of a system that does not know it’s head from a hold in the ground. Dig out of it , go get educated , not just in your head but your heart and soul and then come back and help those who need you .

In the meantime, those of you experiencing this insanity, group together, support one another, inspire one another .Your children need to learn to trust again. It starts with you.

The universe is a mirror, reflecting back to us what we put out.  We need to be aware of opportunities to extend our light to a person or situation.

Be the Change, LIVE the change. images.jpg1