The Sigh, A Peek for Peeps into Madness , Addiction & Love

The Sigh Many years ago, I let out a huge sigh and a friend said:

The Sigh

“That is a sign of a restless soul.” I was very young at the time and the word soul was something I wanted to know more about. She explained that I was lost. I was looking for something that I already had. WELL, you can imagine, she had my attention. That well was empty for many years I found various ways to fill it.

Sugar, drink, spending to name a few. It is interesting to me that well, a hole in the ground; t is similar to being healthy. (Well)

Have you ever noticed how many times a day you or those around you sigh? How deep is your sigh? Are you complaining, yearning, moaning? Or are you merely tired and need to catch your breath?

Sighing can become an addiction. I have watched many who live in their victim and do not know there is a way out of the well. If it does not drive them mad, it certainly drives those around into being annoyed. In my life there was such an individual   I loved her dearly and she passed in 2005. I never knew anyone who sighed so often. She was an example of the Goddess of Beauty. Everything about her was elegant and chic. She could have been a magazine model. However she was the model of the walking wounded. Her mannerism, her speech, her tone, her distress, her sighs.