Happy and Joyful . Peeks for Peeps from 365 ways to Power Up Your Life.

Do we need a reason to be Happy, in Joy? No ,of course not.  Let's have fun today. Make a list of what gives you Joy.

Now make a list of how you plan on spreading that Joy .  Try to find ways that  do not include a person ,a place . Go deep within the beauty of you and bring it out. One way to Power Up .

Here is a Poem  called JOY , I Published many years ago.

I asked my love, What gives you JOY? My legs, so I may walk this day. You have no legs Now what gives you JOY?

To watch a Robin As it feasts on it prey, But you have no eyes to see this day, Now, what gives you JOY?

To hear the song of a voice so clear, Its melody touches my heart as it reaches my ear But you have no ears to hear this day, What gives you Joy?

To smell the lavender as it dances in the wind, The scent of the roses, as their blossoms begin, But you have no smell to breathe this in, So what gives you joy? I ask you again.

It is the taste of strawberries on a summer's eve, Their flavor and texture enhanced With a hint of spearmint leaves, Ah, but I say unto to you, lover of hope, On this day your taste buds have faded from when we last spoke, So I ask you again, what gives you Joy?

Ah, teacher, I understand, as I sit here, barely I am , I am more that the sum of my parts, the joy is in inside me, I feel it, my heart. In the stillness my essence, I embrace God's delights, For here is the Joy, it is ME, I am Light. Lilly White