The Madness of Me. A peek for peeps into Madness, Addiction & Love

15189369-kitten-with-mirror-on-white-background-kitten-looks-in-a-mirrorThe Madness of ME In 1987 we were living in Bouctouche NB. The girls were 13 and 11.

I considered myself old at the time, 32. Thought I had lost my youth.

Now that I write this I realize I had grown up quickly. Sure I had youth but overall I was mature for my age. Usually my friends, close friends except for Nicole at the time were 10yrs older than I.

This one morning, I noticed my Mary Kay had been used and I was confused.

I went into the kitchen to prepare breakfast for the Chiclets when I noticed that Melanie ‘s face was made up. Hum, the answer to the mystery of Mary Kay disarray.

At first I was angry (her not asking) then became enchanted. Even at the young age of 32 , before I began any spiritual journey into awareness I knew this to be a truth,

You have a mere 12 seconds to grab someone's attention. The rest of the time they are thinking of themselves.” Now, bare with me, this was late 80’s. Today we have become more evolved consciously,( at least I hope) ,and we have learnt to focus on one another.

I asked Melanie, “Do you think that you have put all that on your face to ask for attention? She gulped down her porridge and said, “don’t know”. I chuckled as Amanda and I rolled our eyes. I tried to explain how she looked did not matter, She was beautiful, looked like her Dad and she loved him like no other.  He was and is gorgeous to the eye. Inside /Out.

What mattered was being herself, being kind, being honest. If she could outrun 12 seconds then great, go for it , but I promised her no one cared, they were worried about what SHE  thought of them.

That ever evolving mirror, the Madness of Me.

The Madness of Me in our culture was and still is like a fungus. Growing slowly, and somehow