The Seduction of Glamour

941345_652384551454128_730984647_nThe Seduction of Glamour in spiritually can be very alluring. Spirit is beauty , there is no doubting that ,but are we to clothe our souls in what is the new fab of the moment?. We are all Mystic’s is one way or another. We only have to discover the mystery within ourselves.

When we follow the thrill of the month, is that empowering us to be our best?

Many years ago there was a book that came out .

I refused to read it at the time, it seemed so frivolous. Interesting enough however, Melanie gave it to me a few years later for Christmas so I finally read what everyone was talking about . I never finished it and understood why I was offended. I kept wondering why everyone was so hooked on this wee book and I could not digest it. It reminded me of when I was at my brothers funeral in 2000. There were 21 family members in the room the night before we were to say goodbye to him. Everyone was having a drink. I was the only one that did not take any. I remember looking around and telling myself ,”There is something wrong with you, Alcohol cannot be bad for us if all your family thinks it is OK”. I immediately felt a jolt on my shoulder and was told to leave the room. This jolt from spirit comes when needed. I went for a walk or would have broken 9 yrs of sobriety.

I then happened to be in Bali for the Quest for Global Healing Conference in 2005 with Desmund Tutu and I was relieved to find out I was indeed listening to my heart.

When I first heard about this Magic (I’ll call it that for sake of a better word) I remember thinking, “there is no easy way into the depths of who we are.” In 1991 the 12 step program had given me that access to the journey deep within. It had taken years to uncover the layers. Were people really going to read a book and get there in a day or two? Are we really going to put pictures on a piece of paper and make it happen? Maybe so , Who am I to judge? Once we are called to enter into the abyss of self knowledge spirit will direct us. Everyone has his or her own key.

My only concern after working with others through coaching these last few years is the Self Esteem issues people still have when they take the easy road. When the affirmations, the visions they have , do not work. They cannot understand what they did wrong. They did nothing wrong. Being in Joy for the simple reason of our bigness is enough. We are ENOUGH. Go deeper and bring out what is hidden. What have we forgotten ?

I decided to study with Caroline Myss ten years after I began my inner work. I had met the light and the shadow and needed to understand them to find the balance within. Sometimes when we go deeper , there is a spiritual madness and that is the importance of having someone guide us through . It is not painful, it is not seduced with glamour but my God it is freeing,liberating & redeeming.

When we come to an understanding of our Sacred Co