The Corsage

June 17th , 1992, 9:00am , a beautiful Friday morning. John is happily off to work, Amanda at school.Melanie is driving to Port Elgin to pick up her date Rainer for her graduation. I am reading one of my favorite authors at the time. a book called' "Seat of the Soul' by Gary Zukav, the phone rings.

"Hello, may I speak to Melanie please?" "No", I reply, "she is away at the moment ,can I help you?" "Yes, this is David, Melanie has asked me to her Prom Dance and I need to know the color of her dress so I can buy her a corsage". Should I get one for her arm or one to be pinned on her dress?

In that moment, I do not know if I should laugh or cry. I have never heard of this David and Melanie has just taken our vehicle to travel three hours from Fredericton to Port Elgin to pickup her date for her prom. If you can, I want you to imagine this, be me for a minute. Do you tell this guy he has the wrong number, do you tell him the color of Mel's dress. Maybe you are brave and tell him that she has also invited someone else whom she is travelling at this very minute to pick up? It is moments like this that you feel NUTS. You are loosing your marbles. Shit it is only 9:00am for heavens/souls sake (as Gary Z would say) . What the Fudge do I say? Breathe in," David" I say, " I am so grateful you called, it is