Hang on ,Hang in , Hang Loose, but DON'T HANG UP

10277399_672103156158679_6722769190418957296_nWhen our daughter took her life,I was horrified. I continued to be alarmed by the news of other beautiful women taking their lives because they feel unworthy. An example today is a contestant from the Bachelor taking her life.

Girls, Guys, YOU ARE WORTH your life . You are beauty because you exist, You are ENOUGH. You do not need anyone taking away your soul. Talk about your feelings with someone , anyone.

HANG ON, HANG IN , Hang Loose ,  but DO NOT HANG UP.

The world awaits your brilliance. Our daughter Melanie was so beautiful and bright she was unable to see it.

Don’t make the same decision she did, Look into the mirror and push the darkness away. Talk yourself into the light of who you REALLY are.

God/ Goddess, our planet needs you. Do not disappear because you THINK no one sees you. Most young people are into themselves and they are more interested in if you see them. Please Hang on. You are loved, dame it, you are loving and you are LOVE.

Lilly White loves you . trust me I DO