The Spirit of Coincidence

MEL“What”? I asked. I could hear, feel that someone was trying to come through from the other side, the veil, but I could not hear what they were saying. I knew they were speaking because of the humming. Alas , I settled into the feeling of them. Who they were, I did not know. It was enough I could feel them because I am enough.The next day I opened a book, “Wouldn’t Take Nothing for My Journey Now”, by Maya Angelou. Out fell a poem that my mother had faxed me , Easter , 1999. Ah, tis Mom it is that is saying hello. I felt her presence and immediately the book in my hand went to the inside page, there before my eyes. “For Mothers Day ,Love from Mel, 1998.”

Of course I am in joy , they are both speaking to me, they are both near at this time of inner healing. There is no need for tears. I am in response to a deep gratitude. Melanie our daughter passed in 2012 and my mother a year later. It is no coincidence that today as I open this book, a gift from our daughter so many years ago that Mom’s message is there also, written a year after Melanie's gift. Everything has an order, a Divine order. There are signs everywhere that we are not alone. When we feel that feeing, have that knowing, embrace it , let it go. Living a life with joy is the best way to honor those who have passed,no matter how tragic or painful. Life is for the living. Living is filled with life.< “Just for today, let the spirit of coincidence have you”