TALKING TO ANGELS , Peeks for Peeps

A picture John had paintd for me while in Haiti in 2006 by artist. G Semerand Talking to Angels. SIMPLY

This week was a busy week with Clients for the Trinity Table. Each of them are in process. They are actively and enthusiastically proceeding forward. Some are seeking answers as to how to access their highest potential. Some need someone to help them with self-esteem so they can believe in themselves. Others want someone to help them jump off the cliff.

It just so happened on Thursday that  I picked up one of my many journals to reread. I have been journally since 1993 so I have many books to publish. None of my life experiences and my return to joy  were read from a book. It’s me, living the awe of the raw.

I would like to share the first few pages of a journal dated, April 8th, 2004.

My reason to share  ,I hope you may benefit. You will also understand why I will publish another book called ,“Talking to Angels”. Originally I was going to call it,, Angel messages, Angel Wisdom , Angels listening. This morning when I asked them if this was correct, I heard, why ask? You wrote a title when you started this journal.. When I looked I chuckled. TALKING TO ANGELS. Simply.


Thursday, April 8th, 2004 8:09am

Me: Good Morning friends, Is there anything you want to speak to me about in this moment? What do I need insight into?

 They: (I called them Gabriel, Ben, Marlyn, Walter, William, Tatiana,& Samantha. I also surrounded myself with Arch’s, Michael, Uriel, Gabriel and Raphael. )

 We are delighted to have you focused once more .

Yes, keeping four journals is great idea. One for your Dreams, (2) Archetypes, (3)Angels and your everyday thoughts.

This will help you understand the difference frequencies, energies. The difference between your energy, our energy and your archetypes. Bravo.


Today, we would like to talk to you about TRUST.

Thoughts Revealing Urgent Symbols Today: TRUST

This is your intuition. When you see within your third eye, better known as your minds eye , a SYMBOL, trust this message we are giving to you. It is us sending you messages through the language of symbols. Lock this symbol into your heart and follow your heart. It will lead you.

Saint Germaine is with us this moment.

Me: Thank you beloved ones.

They: It is so.


In 2008 I had published a journal called ,”Manifesting the Magic in You.

A journal with four sections , Angles, Archetypes, Dreams, daily thoughts.

My good friend and champion Diana Boal had helped me self publish. I did not do well with it as I did not allow myself to network it at the time. . I used it whenever I gave workshops and did sell about 50 of them. I have been in the process of redesigning and will self publish so you can purchase on amazon before Christmas. I am renaming it , “Power Up Your Life ,Journal to Journey.”

Thank you for your patience  and your waiting for  book ,”Madness, Addiction & Love”. I originally stated this book in 2003 under another name and put it aside for many reasons. It is just about ready to go to press. I have postponed my Bali  trip for the end of November due to family . I started this book in Indonesia, (East Timor) and it needs to finish in Bali. I have someone helping me decide the best way to publish. Once it is in circulation I will then release, “Your 30 Day Challenge to Power Up Your Life” and “365 Ways to Power up Your Life, tools for intuitive living”.

If this work interest you , please like Power Up Your page on Facebook (yes, even the Madness book) and leave messages on wordpress. This allows publisher to see interest.

With Love & Respect ,