What is this Love we all talk about.? We feel it , we breathe it ,we live it. There will be no right or wrong answers .We all have our interpretations based on our experiences from the moment we decided to enter our mother’s womb. I will end this book with this. I will tell you what I think love is not. I will tell you what  I believe it is not. .My hope for you is that you take away  the belief that we are all mad in some sane way , that is our right. We are all addicts if you look deep enough, it might be a small addiction to shoes, athletics, control, work ,study, academia ,  power. It does not need be a substance. And last ,I will talk to you about collective LOVE. The true reason you are on this journey. We can take drugs, blame our parents, go to war, be in and out of institutions, blame God but Mental illness is never going to subside in our society until we understand why we are here.What is our highest potential, our mission? Where do we start to learn this? Start teaching the “spirit our of tomorrows”, our children and their children.Teach them that indeed they are enough. The smile on their face each day will move the stars in alignment, it will move the tanks out of the way , it will move the God in them to be better co creators with the Universe. Dancing Bali children Now , what do I believe love it NOT: It is not physical, it is