I awoke one morning, with this in my head;

"People’s lives are unravelling, now get out of bed!,

A workshop is needed, to bring everyone here,

A gathering of sorts to learn skills we hold dear".

Lives are unravelling, the finances stuck;

All this talk of new age and praying for luck.

Home is in chaos, in need of a rest;

Feeling pressure at work, relationships test.

They want to go under the ground for a day;

Will they be saved or will their lives this way stay?

I tell them they are fated to reach destiny’s star;

Only question to ask is to where and how far.

A workshop is needed to help this despair;

Mona Lisa is speaking; The Herb Garden, BE THERE.

Your destiny is waiting, Sept 18th comes quick;

For a party of sorts Yoga ,Workshops, comradeship.

Reach your highest potential and uncover your fate;

Register now and let's call it a date!