Lilly is now selling Shankari Jewelry

Here is information about this extraordinary women ,healer , artist.

Shankari first started working as a silver smith in her early twenties. She began creating handmade jewelry at a tiny desk with nothing more than a blowtorch and some basic tools in the bushlands of Australia just outside of Sydney. Fast forward 15 years to 1998 when Shankari was mastering the art of ceramic costume jewelry while saving up to finally set up her first silver jewelry factory in Bali, Indonesia. Shankari's determination and artistic drive enabled her to overcome the impossible. She supported her four children, half a dozen Balinese families, herself and a few pets while "living hand to mouth" guided by her internal wisdom and tenacity. Her capacity to create and adjust as she adapted to her overwhelming circumstances gave "life to her dream" and gifted us all with her spectacular creations.

In 1990 Shankari moved her jewelry factory from Seminyak to Balian, an undeveloped area only visited by adventurous surfers a two-hour drive up the west coast highway.

Team Development

Shankari began with two silver smiths. As the business flourished, the original silversmiths took on two apprentices who over time perfected their skills and trained apprentices of their own. Through the continuation of this process, we expanded production capabilities and developed the team. Because our silver smiths were exclusively trained in our factory to produce Shankari designs, a true sense of family developed as we all grew together. This family expanded along with production to include 33 silver smiths and 14 polishers.

Shankari has a very close relationship with each and every one of the silver smiths and polishers. These are bonds developed over years of co-creation; a spiritual connection with her team and her own special language in which she is able to communicate her visions relating to her designs. Shankari's team has always been made up of Indonesians from different islands and various religions working in harmony to create “Talismans of Power” for the modern mystics.


We have been producing Shankari jewelry and sacred objects for over 25 years, in both 925 Sterling silver and 18Kt Gold. Every piece is designed in a sacred space with clear intentions. The pieces are inspired and created to support the wearer through the experiences that challenge them. They are not simple decorations, but rather empowering armor and weapons of light. Our creations’ strength and beauty is evident in the design. Their energy is tangible as you wear your pieces with the knowledge of their history and purpose.

Sacred Space

All of Shankari's jewelry and sacred objects are handmade in a Sacred Space. Pure granulated silver is forged into bricks, pressed into plate and stretched into wire. The silver is cut, folded, twisted, bent and soldered into the artistic designs created by Shankari. Every stone is carefully selected and set with care and patience. With each step of the process of creation, the intent and purpose of the piece is taken into consideration with profound respect.


As a team, we feel honored and privileged to work with this powerful medium to contribute to the healing and the healers around our beautiful planet. We celebrate Shankari's tools of transformation with love and respect as we are all supported and empowered by Shankari Jewelry.


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This book is not only inspired, it’s a valuable life tool. I highly recommend adding this treasure to your book shelf.” ~ Caroline Myss, author of Sacred Contracts and Anatomy of the Spirit When life is painful, you feel helpless, defeated, and empty.


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The Mystery of REALMS 

When Lilly works with you she  basically  observes you for a few minutes and will know which Realm you came into this lifetime with.There are many  realms  but working with the archetypes she has  discovered that the four major  ones   also represent the four survival archetypes and  the four strains of DNA.  Doreen V writes about these realms in her books and says there are many but Lilly realizes that there are actually only four.  What Doreen and others are actually experiencing are the souls archetypes.   These Realms are  Angels, Elementals (fairies, gnomes, sprites, leprechauns, brownies, elves ), Wise one and Star.  When we know ourselves through the realms we can stop judging others. For example, a fairy, better known as the elemental, likes to flirt and if she is in the presence of a Star , who is shy and withdrawn , it is not because the star does not like her, they do not vibrate at the same frequency. Which realm do you originate from?