I am now seeing clients once again at our home on Tuesdays and Thursdays at 43 Johanna St, Almonte.  Appointments can still be made at the 613-292-3292 or email powerupyourlife@gmail.com .

First in Canada, the Trinity Table* is a simple concept which utilizes passive motion, providing a gentle rocking and slow rotation. These movements have been proven scientifically to aid in deepening relaxation enabling a person to attain Alpha, Theta and even Delta states of relaxation.This experiential medium aids in producing an enhanced environment for spiritual facilitation and awareness giving the user a greater sense of connectedness by expanding consciousness of oneself and opening to the spiritual world. When energy is unobstructed, intuition grows, vision expands and healing potential is heightened enabling the user to release fears, anger, unhealed wounds, judgements, unresolved hurts from this life and past lives, consequently evoking a heightened sense of well-being.

The cost of a two hour session is $125.00.

One person's experience:

"I felt my heart open up and I experienced a great emotional release. I felt a large part of my painful past being lifted off with the help of caring spirits and I cried, after which I felt great joy."

More information on the Trinity Table, you can visit: www.trinitytables.org and www.spiritualhealing.org