The Mystery  of REALMS.  

When Lilly works with you she  basically  observes you for a few minutes and will know which Realm you came into this lifetime with.There are many  realms  but working with the archetypes she has  discovered that the four major  ones   also represent the four survival archetypes and  the four strains of DNA.  Doreen V writes about these realms in her books and says there are many but Lilly realizes that there are actually only four.  What Doreen and others are actually experiencing are the souls archetypes.   These Realms are  Angels, Elementals (fairies, gnomes, sprites,leprechauns,brownies, elves ),Wise one and Star.   When we know ourselves through the realms we can stop judging others. For example, a fairy, better known as the elemental, likes to flirt and if she is in the presence of a Star , who is shy and withdrawn , it is not because the star does not like her, they do not vibrate at the same frequency.. Which realm do you originate from? 

Elemental Realm: This realm holds the fairies elves, leprechauns . Characteristics,they usually have a difficult time in doors over a long duration. Restless, chatty, loves attention, addiction of some sort, goes outside themselves for their fulfillment. Very creative, do not like to follow rules, great sense of humour ,playful and mischievous. Usually holds the archetype of , addict, thief, gambler, puck ,magical child. Can relate to the trees , talk to them , plant flowers with a knowingness that someone else is looking after the plant. They are not  sure who or why until they understand the elemental realm. Their  health issue may be  stomach ulcers , back problems, cysts. Second & Third chakra issues . Their  work on this planet: Communicators, networkers, actors/actress, chefs, writers/storyteller/poets, police officers. 

Angel Realm,  has archetypes of  the lover , the co-dependant.  Service orientated. Nurses, counsellors, librarians, anything to be of service. Usually has weight issues, hold weight inside, doesn’t want to upset the status quo so keeps things inside. Thus the weight.  They may have heart issues. Unable to  give and receive equally,  if not able to receive the heart becomes imbalanced.  You will usually hear, “Oh, they were such angels, how could they have died of a heart attack"?   They love detail and want  to change people. You do not want to see the angel with the fairy in a relationship. The angel wants to change them , becomes a very co dependent relationship, the fairy is busy keeping themselves  in trouble, the angel rescues them .  The cycle continues until the fairy becomes wise , rescues themselves and the angel is left alone, but not for long, they are on their way to save another…. Until the angel realizes,” I want to live and love in balance ,look after myself for a change and learn to receive and give equally.  Angels usually have the Devine Child, not always ,, they can have the abandoned , and other child archetypes. Angels can have the  rescuer, mother, servant, slave, goddess ( Hathor) to name a few. Health issues; Heart.  Fourth chakra issues.  Their work on this planet: Service of any kind. 

Star Realm;; I have  met only  two clients in these many years who are from the star realm and did not have the orphan child archetype. These people are different. They feel different when we are around them, we call them weird.. (Bill G) ( Keanu R .They have guides from other planets. As children the Star asked questions like  ” What the hell am I going here??” Who are these people in my family. Are you  sure I was not  adopted”. They are the wall flowers in groups,they  do not like to draw attention to themselves. Very sensitive, withdrawn looking , prone to allergies. They are the Reiki Masters, the healers. They are  loving and sensitive.  They practice hands on healing. I am convinced that most  Balinese  and Hawaiians  are star, hence great massages .  They teach us about crystals. (Gates knew about crystals and how they work in computers.) They usually have , Hermit, Engineer, Visionary, Mystic, Lover archetypes.  Health Issues, skin disorders , food allergies.  First  charka issues. (unable to ground) . Their work on this planet: Healers, Animal Speak,programers , computer geeks.   All they want to talk about is healing with love.

Wise One Realm:  Growing up ,they know it all, and that is because somewhere in them, they do. They are the co-creators with the Universe according to Doreen . Sometimes dark in nature, they have difficulty having fun, take themselves  seriously. Anal retentive is how I describe them but they are brilliant. Once you give a wise one their wand, and if at that point she or he did not know who they were , look out. They will move the mountain, they know how and it is done… They sometimes have a widows peak in their hair. . They are the wizards, sometime drawn to astrology . I have also seen the Wise One as the Shaman, Witch, The Alchemist , Teacher. (Mystic also)..Guide, Mentor… They were beheaded, burned at the stake in past DNA and in this life time usually have throat issues and digestive problems. They hold their anger in their digestive tract.  Third  & Sixth chakra issues. . Their work on this planet: teachers, mentors, writers, principals, scientists to name a few.