: "Lilly is an exemplary community builder, providing support for her clientele through a variety of events. Her Fairy blend of humor, understanding, and integrity combine to always deliver deep learning. I recommend her unique Trinity Table, her inspiring Breakfast with Soul, her elegant and comfortable fashions, and of course Power Up Your Life events as they become available." 
Service Category: Spiritual Guide
Year first hired: 2003 (hired more than once)
Top Qualities: Great Results, Expert, High Integrity

Evelyn ABELL. 

 Oct 5th, 2016

Marie Veilleux‎ to Lilly White

I would like to thank you, Lilly, for offering hope. Daily hope, long term hope, both priceless. Hope changes everything for the better, it helps you look at life with different eyes. So when things get tough, just put on Lilly's 'hope glasses'!

Another wonderful testimonial for 365 Ways to Power Up Your Life from Yoga Instructor , Mary Biggs. 

 Each day, while sipping my morning coffee, I read the inspiration of the day from Power up Your Life. I bought a copy for my lifelong best friend in Toronto and she follows the same early morning ritual. We are both grateful for your wise words spurring us on to live every day to the fullest in the spirit of service to others. Your daily words of wisdom are like a tonic for the soul. Thank you Lily!"

Much love to you-

Mary Biggs. / Rising Sun Yoga / Almonte

After my first session with Lilly I knew that I had found a different level of support than I had known before, and that she had a uniquely beautiful way of connecting me to my own strength, truth and most of all my own purpose. Recently, I have had to make a life changing decision that not long ago would have left me, in the words of John O'Donahue's For a New Beginning  "still unable to leave what I had outgrown".  Assisted by Lilly's counsel and gentle wisdom, I was truly able to find the ease in the risk, and am looking forward to shedding my old skin and dancing in a new dawn, every day. 

Two thumbs up for Madness Addiction & Love. Your story was so raw and honest. You were so authentic. I laughed, cried but mostly was inspired. Thank you for being you. The planet needs you NOW.  SUSAN Hilton Nov 2016

This book is honest, courageous and will help future generations who suffer from Addictions, Mental health . It will cast a spell of love and hope to all those who needlessly suffer. ANDREW HARVEY

I find myself now  buoyed by my talents and spirit, not weighed by my fears, and I am blessed to have found her.  -Mari Rose Hale (Wilder)

Prostitute, Goddess, Pioneer, Student, Heroine,Lover, Saboteur, Addict, Alchemist, Storyteller, Magical Child, Victim, Addict

July 28th, 2016

You know, I have to tell you…I have been through thousands of dollars in specialists over the last 15 years and none have made more sense or provided me with more clarity and reassurance then you did. That period of time yesterday was life changing. For that I thank you from the bottom of my heart. Sharon Moore

  July 10th , 2016 : Lilly , I had such an amazing time with you over the last 2 days. You are a true gift to this world.  Bronwen  M. 

Sean Furlong: May 2017

Lilly, Thank you for an amazing weekend of enlightenment. I am so delighted you opened your home to me. I came to you feeling broken and out of sync with myself. I did not feel my mind,body and soul where on the same path.

After much guidance and patience you  guided me into a deeper understanding of myself and what guides and archetypes  I should be aware of. Knowing the foundation of my being helped me understand why I choose the paths I have taken  and most importantly what archetypes affect me and cause the reactions I have.

You have laid the groundwork for me to walk my journey . I now do this by being aware of the influences around me and the ones that are important. I now understand my light and shadow and that I make choices to live not my fate but my destiny.  I have the beginnings of the tools I need to evaluate my daily circumstances. I am so grateful for the understanding you shared with me and you gave me the confidence to look at everything as a whole. I am also delighted you will accompany me on the journey and are always available to guide my learning and understanding as we continue to grow and appreciate our daily existence.

I left feeling  very peaceful and content with my situation and have a fresh attitude towards the future. I am not going to reflect on the effects of the past and let them hold me prisoner. I will now take my lessons from them and embrace those experiences as they have molded me towards what I want to become and accomplish. Limitations open new paths and give us the guidance and opportunity to take every step with more light of knowledge and understanding. Being aware of the graces we have eases pain and strengthens our courage to go in new directions. You are truly a guiding light that I will be forever grateful I have had the pleasure and benefit of knowing. Your light lives in me daily and allows me to appreciate all the glories surrounding me. How will I ever be able to thank you enough.


Lynn Mayer‎ to Lilly White

June 29, 2015 at 8:09am · 

Thank you Ibu / Goddess / Fairy Lilly for such an accepting and Power up your Life weekend, taking
(re-taking !) the archetype course. To be able to be in a sacred and trusting space for the whole weekend allows one to be in their joy and grateful. Would recommend taking the course and even if you have taken it previously, would recommend taking it again as a grounding refresher ! Xoxo

Sherry Purcha Quintilio

February 8 at 8:08pm · Sundre, AB · 

I was blessed to meet and share space with Lilly White this weekend. She will be in Olds in May to facilitate a weekend workshop. Friends who are on a spiritual journey I highly recommend this workshop. She's a powerhouse!! I Can't Wait!!! I have on been this excited since Gary Zukav. She is wonderful. 

Helen Smith Everyone should read this book. I look forward to reading the daily message and most days it can lift me out off my doldrums and help me to focus on all the good there is around me.

Ellen Draper reviewed a product.
January 28, 2016

365 Ways to Power Up Your Life: Tools for Intuitive Living
Worth it
It is still early to tell since it is one day of reading at a time. So far, so good though. It is good enough to keep reading each day.

Thank you Lorraine Ashkanase for this testimonial for 365 Ways to Power Up Your Life. 
Dear Lily,
My sister Bonnie Pike gifted me with your new book.
Thank you so much for creating this uplifting composition of your heart felt expressions. I am thoroughly enjoying each and every day that is so thoughtfully written. I savor every word similar to that of a delicious piece of rich chocolate.
A lovely way to begin my day!

Lorraine Ashkanase

By Lucia on February 5, 2016
Format: Paperback Verified Purchase
This is a power filled book sharing tools of how to love and let go. I'm grateful to Lilly White for this beautiful daily reminder that life is a mesh of ups and downs and its our responses that makes our journey what it is. Let's make good choices and read this book! Thank you Lilly White!

I thank you so very much for the archetype workshop on Sunday. It was amazing how you can delve into our childhood and bring out old memories that still effect us in our daily lives. I thank you also for putting 150 per cent of your energy into the entire day! Again, thank you so very much and also I thank spirit that there exists such a wise and fun soul as Lilly. Most grateful Liz

Good Morning Lilly
Thank you so much for our workshop last weekend! You can sure tell that you love what you are doing! It is inspiring to the rest of us. I have already felt my newly acquired knowledge of archetypes at play. Pretty cool stuff!! Thanks again! Brenda

What a wonderful day yesterday was! Thank you for doing your life's work and for staying here in Almonte!!! It is unfathomable to think there was a chance that you could have left town before I landed on your doorstep to continue with my development. Interesting how spirit works!! Lynn Mayer

"Too bad if you missed this Workshop: Saturday, Nov. 19 (1-4 pm) Workshop: Fate vs Destiny ... An Archetypal Journey To Discover Your Highest Potential. - Lily White. Last Saturday, Nov. 19, at our SFC Workshop " Fate vs Destiny " thirty -two of us were very thrilled to care/share/dare and explore further archetypes with Lilly White, a spiritual counsellor and coach from Almonte. For many the spiritual learning was deep and surprising. Thank you so much to Lilly for enabling us to relate more to our beingness, possible purposes, roles and choices in our evolution. Bravo Lilly ! A joyful workshop."Spiritual Frontiers

"Thank you for the lovely and inspiring week-end. You have a wonderful ability to put at ease and embrace the essence of each person and the hospitality that you offer is second to none. The week-end was mindful and soulful. Out of it came a new vision of my psyche, heart and soul with guided instructions on holding these up to the light. Now I can say that I understand on some level why we fly in circles. Thank you for offering insight, guidance and inspiration on All that we are and All that we can be. Blessings and Light, "Ewee.

"I have to extend a HUGE thank you for the experience I had on Friday with you. I was welcomed with so much love and the energy in your home was so peaceful and loving which I am so drawn to in many ways. Thank you for sharing so much with me." Carol G.

"I had the pleasure of attending a Calling All Angels "introductory" workshop in Perth on Wednesday, November 16th. Wow! You are phenomenal! I can't describe the uplifting energy I received from this evening. I now know that I have the strength to "get out of my rut" and make positive changes in my life. Thank you." Janet

"Thank you so much for last night! You are such a treasure! Although the table was a nice experience, it was you and your essence that I needed to be with. I learned a lot from you, and felt as though at long last, I was with family again. " Laura

"I wanted to thank you for our wonderful session together. Thank you for the wonderful awakening you have given me. " Stephanie

"Lilly you are a treasure and I am so blessed to have met you. Thank you. " Rosemare

"Thanks for my reading. It was a great session, and I too enjoyed meeting you. And watching you move in such a fairy style made me giggle joyfully. You are surely doing your true work. I look forward to seeing how you progress. " Wendy

"Lilly, what happened on the table last time feels like a miracle to me! I no longer seem to hold the deep sadness and fear as I did ... it's almost like I've decided, whole heartedly that since I'm here, I'll choose to experience all the joys that are available here! I feel more rooted, want more connection, and feel deeply comfortable with who I am! What a gift you -- and this experience -- has been in my life ... just what I have been searching for! " Annie

"A friend of mine in Red Deer had a reading done by you via telephone and said it was unbelievable how accurate you were, how do I go about having one done for myself?" Brenda

"On behalf of the Ladies' Networking Dinner Group, I want to thank you for presenting Thursday, Feb. 21st at Liette Jodouin's request. You were so dynamic, interesting and passionately informative about your learning and experiences. You captivated everyone's attention and on the way out, all of the ladies expressed to me how fantastic the evening was. I’m sure like me; they went home with new insights about themselves and their
lives. "