Peeks for Peeks, Madness , Addiction & Love Bulgaria, Greece and Angels

ANgels to watch over us Bulgaria, Greece and Angels.

In 2005 Melanie invited us to visited her in Sophia , Bulgaria.

We arrived a few days before Easter, March, a cold dreary dark day.

I am excited to see our daughter and her wee ones again and the excited continues as the plane lands. I thought the airport would be bigger, grander but like everyone else we departed the plane on the runway and walked to the arrivals. Melanie was there with her driver , bodyguard and her male companion. She presented me with flowers which was such a surprise. We go outside into the night and are escorted to her car , a Bentley. Michael , her husband at the time is no where in sight, I am confused but ask no questions. His job is with communications here in Bulgaria and security is important. We arrive to her home and it is a grand hotel like atmosphere. I see her touches of Easter at the front door and delighted with her creativity. The house is huge and we are greeted by her staff and her chef. Where are we, who is this child of ours?

The next day I am treated to a spa treatment. After the treatment I go to the gym and meet her trainer. I am well aware of who he is as he was her companion at the arrival gate last evening at airport . Nice , good looking and polite. Perfect guy for our daughter , the problem is that she is