Easter, A time to Let Go, Allow Flow "Let Spirit have you"


Let us symbolize what Easter can mean to us. Yes, it is time to contemplate our spiritual values, whether we are Christian, Jewish, Muslim, Hindi, Buddhist, perhaps an atheist .

Easter, spring, can be the time to move forward with our lives.

It can allow us the opportunity to let go of all that is unnecessary. Let go of old habits, addictions, thoughts, regrets, and hurts. Perhaps you have a few others of your own. There comes a time in our lives when we want to really start living. We want to live life on LIFES’ terms; not fill ourselves with lies of living. Some of these lies are falsehoods we tell ourselves. These falsehoods may include that we need a person ,place or thing to be happy or at peace.

Easter is a time to remove the clutter of these thoughts. Sometimes we feel we are dying when we begin to make changes, we need to move inward for a few hours, days, months in order to rise again. When we rise again, move forward with joy, our lives begin to have meaning. We begin to become inspired, (in spirit) and everything changes.

This is a time of death and rebirth.

Let us think about the cosmic energies taking place at this time.

The Energies of Aries. All of earth is calling, awakening during the spring. This is a time of new beginnings, YOUR new beginnings. What you do in the next few days in the light of love, light and joy can become a lifetime of healing, healthy habits.

It can be as simple as learning to run, one km at a time. Perhaps it is a new eating habit, cutting back on sugar, or a destructive practice that no longer serves you. Are you harsh and make unnecessary judgements about others? If this is your time to make changes, be gentle with yourself . Seek someone to help you make these new behaviours that will become your new life. You are rising up to your whole, holy self.

Start a new ritual, die to the old, go into contemplation and rise up to YOUR new life. It’s the only one you have in the moment. Anoint yourself with the joy of making new choices. Allow the old to “Passover” you.

Die to the old, rise again, go forth in love & forgiveness and “let spirit have you”.

Happy Easter,