Silence is golden and you are worth your right to that Gold.

10921611_10152648280623583_993806843219014824_oWhat is Silence ?  T o most of us it is peace, tranquilly, calm, quiet It is interesting how we demand silence, crave silence, need silence.

When we truly go into silence the miraculous happens. Extraordinary, phenomenal happenings appear everywhere, in us, around us.

While in Bali last month John and I took a group of eight to this magical island with an unusual portal to the unknown. To begin to explain the wonder and gifts of this trip you will read another time. Today I would like to discuss silence.

John and a few of the others left to return home to Canada on the eighteenth. Two other Goddess’s from Alberta stayed with me until the 29th of November.

We prayed and played together daily with each other and our spiritual families.

One day we decided we ought to have a day of silence. At least for a few hours. We voted for the next day and would start with 6 hours. We informed the staff at Amertha Villas where we were staying in Pemuteran the night before of our plans.

The next morning upon awakening  I went to the ocean at around 6:10am, the Bali Sea on my own and sat with my pen in hand. A staff member bowed to me in reverence and brought my coffee without having to say a word. They did the same thing with our lunch.

Within a half hour the girls joined me for breakfast without a whisper. Only an undertone of love and respect. Once finished we went our separate ways for a diminutive time and joined once again to sit under a tree on the Bali Sea. No words were needed. The Silence was soft, easygoing, forgiving.

We wrote, meditated, walked slowly when we up and about. We breathed deep into the heart of who we are the delights of who we are becoming. We prayed with love for others and we smiled inwardly with gratitude.

I had the most unique experience with our daughter Melanie . I began to write to her and she wrote back through me. You may  read it in my wordpress. "Oh Melanie, Oh Mom. Messages from my Daughter".

In silence, food taste different, air is soft, sky is brighter, smells are deeper, everything is AWAKE because we are still.

It is a humbling experience and I recommend a few hours of silence weekly, monthly or whenever you can. Do not saboteur yourselves with maybe or might.

Give yourself an hour at first, perhaps three. Let others know you are not available for those moments. A few days after I returned I gave myself 12 hours of silence. John understood. The people you love will understand. You are not running , you are praying and playing with the Divine in you . Yes, I realize you have children, jobs, commitments. But really, how good are you at these things if you never take time for yourself?

Silence is golden and you are worth your right to that Gold.

Let me know how you make out and what your experience is. Xoxoxox