Out of ME and into WE

images.jpg peacockAt this time in our evolution we are being called and urged to expand our vision.This vision we have of ourselves. The secret is getting over ourselves and learning to see others first. Only then will we develop tools to rise above the five senses and tune into our sixth sense. Being able to feel what your eyes do not see in the third dimension. We have become obsessed with I..”I need to look after my feelings, my space, my thoughts.” This is all from our intellect. When we move from our intellect we make room to live from our hearts and the heart is in light , not the fight with I.

To be able to step out of your pain and feel the pain of your friend, partner, parent, child, and do something about it is what I believe Jesus was teaching us symbolically when he died on the cross. It was never about him, it was about humanity. “Forgive them , they know not what they do”.

I am not talking about letting someone walk over our boundaries here but really, can you step out of your I  and think of the other first?. Hurt people, hurt people”. If someone is hurting you in some way it is because that person is hurting.. Can you step aside and love that person the way they are unable to love themselves.. Just for that day. If you are living consciously and walking your TALK then yes, you will feel their pain and direct them into the light. In this light you will focus on this person without judgment. Yes, I realize from my own experience this is not always easy. I have days, hours , minutes, when I have to repeat, repeat, “focus on this persons needs”, yours are being taken care of because you allow Spirit to have you. , Whether it involves their business, their family, their livelihood, their self esteem, because they are loved enough they will come to start thinking of others instead of themselves and pass it on. This passing love on, Isn’t that where you, me, become THEE?? We are co-creating, living in unity within our community to nourish, mind ,body, spirit. We have passed the energy of hurting ourselves by denying others love. JUST FOR TODAY LET SPIRIT HAVE WE