Twelve Steps to Power Up Your Life

  1. Do not take self so seriously. We all wear masks, free yourself, remove it and learn to laugh, shake if you have to but laugh daily.
  2. I am worthy. As above, so below. I have value, My soul rejoices , I belong on this Planet.. I share with this Planet
  3.  Speak only truth, Remember spirit is using your voice to speak. Speak with compassion , joy , gratitude.
  1. Always be at home, no matter where you are. The home has a heart, when the heart has a home.
  2. Be more childlike, this is where we create and manifest. We are creation, always reflecting spirit's joy through our creativity.
  3. Practice Daily rituals. They are not work when we live in the moment. A simple ritual is our daily offering.

     7. Relationships are but a reflection of ourselves, ever holding the mirror to our greatness, our sadness,  our         balance.

  1. Respect the energy resources of others; allow them and ourselves to go underground when needed. It is where we will choose to rise again. Silence is a holy space to dwell ..Pray daily in this sacred space.
  2. In Prayer, Travel to the cosmos often, we will unite with souls and embrace what we cannot see.
  3. Our highest potential is to be in unity with the Divine self.
  4. Our hope, dreams, wishes can manifest. BELIEVE.
  5. We are all connected. Be conscious of your breath. The air you breathe today someone in Asia breathes tomorrow. You, me, we, Trinity Three..