Sink or Swim

Life is like that .  Have you ever stood on a sandbar as at the waves were flowing in and out? If you are lucky enough it will be the  Atlantic Ocean. There is a deep mystical voice that speaks from the Atlantic as each wave flows up to greet you in its rhythm. 

Today as I stood there, feeling my feet sink lower with each wave then rise up to touch the surface only to sink deeper, I realized that the last few years of my life has been like this.

Wave after wave, drowning, sinking into life, death, loss,  closure, acceptance. 

I could either stay in the sandbar or swim.  I choose to swim. I am not the best swimmer as I only learnt to swim , to flow, at the age of 50. I choose to breathe, let go, float and "LET SPIRIT HAVE ME". Just for today , it's a good place to be. I choose to swim. 

What do you choose this day? Are you sinking or swimming? If you are swimming , I will meet you on the crest. We will rejoice as each wave allows us to flow, to know that we are as mystical,magical as the deep . 


 We are survivors.