The Light in the Dark Night of the Soul

ts ocanstock9612481-2The Dark Night of the Soul was first written about by Saint John of God,a Catholic Mystic in the 16th century. His poem narrates the journey of the soul from its bodily home to its union with God. The journey is called "The Dark Night", because darkness represents the hardships and difficulties the soul meets in detachment from the world and reaching the light of the union with the Creator. (WIKI) There have been many books written about this union, this journey, but until you experience your own path ,all books, teachings may elude you. You may even find yourself running or escaping the pathway to your inner mystic. You may say things like." I do not believe in darkness". "I will work on manifesting, being happy. I will not allow darkness to penetrate me." This my friends is your ego. Many seekers would encourage the dark night experience if they knew what it was. The road to our higher consciousness will pass through a dark night. A Higher consciousness is not wanting more of something. More money, more happiness, more love. It is a deep yearning ,a merging or unity with the higher self. It may feel like a sacred initiation with the Divine and yes, this is exactly what it is.The dark night is a very private matter. You will feel alone. You are alone in your ego but in spirit ,lof activity is happening. Your dreams are vivid, nature is talking , your body is screaming, your brain is fried. You may feel exhausted. The dark night will push you into a hole of sorts to make sure you are still in your body and now ready to just be with spirit. (Be sure to read about my journey into the rabbit hole) The dark night may begin with your house burning down, the death of a loved one , a red bank balance or simply a lack of energy to give or care about yourself or anyone else. A dark night can last for a few months or a few years. We can have more than one in this lifetime or have one that last a lifetime. Mother Teresa of Calcutta, according to letters released in 2007, "may be the most extensive such case on record", lasting from 1948 almost up until her death in 1997, with only brief interludes of relief in between.[WIKI) Peace comes with acceptance. An understanding that we are not alone. Others have followed this journey and they have an inner knowing that God is leading them deeper into themselves. I love what Caroline Myss wrote to me a few weeks ago. "At some point, a person has to pause and realize that only heaven could so empty one's life so completely. Only heaven could create a life path that intersects with the release of the lives of others so dear to them in a simultaneous way."

I first wrote about this dark night in 2010. A year before the death of our daugher , my Mother and a loss of a business. This has been my third dark night in this lifetime. I consider myself blessed to continue on this sacred journey and I will continue to dive deeper into consciousness. It is not an easy path but one I take with joy and compassion . The joy allows me to live an adventure each day and compassion allows me to be gentle with myself. I allow myself to feel sorrow, to understand , to stop judgement. To BE. to Simply BE.

A Poem I wrote in 2010 . Dark Night of My Soul.

Been down this road so many times, on my knees looking for my last dime. In this state, my heart was heavy, but here I surrendered and I felt ready.

Ready for what I did not know but I stopped looking and ask spirit to show Show me the path I had not taken, a dark night of my soul, there was no mistaken. The anger, the shame , the disappointment of self, I am on my knees I needed no help.

For here my mind is free of confusion, my liberty, no longer an illusion. I entertain silence, this space of loudness, the deafening sound of my ego who is parted. I gather all that I am or all that has resigned herself ,,,to a perfect love, a blind faith, pure hope and abandoned trust. For this, to love you deeply God…. I must… I must Then this dark night of my soul, becomes the holy grail that allows me to be whole..

I write this today , the Light of the Dark Night for no other reason but that if you find yourself on this road to your self, going deeper into your consciousness, you have a friend. You are not alone. WIth love and gratitiude, Lilly