Light /Shadow. It does not matter.

TUTU Speaks We are gifted with many blessings of extraordinary potential . As Caroline Myss might say, "Our hightest potential".
In 2005 I was at the Quest for Global Healing in Ibud,Bali . Desmund Tutu was the guest speaker. It was a 4-5 day event. It included many great speakers; Lynn Twist, One of Nelson Mandala's grandsons and others to help wake us up. One evening I was walking back to hotel. A hotel I was unhappy with, as I had been very spoiled by our friends Agung Prana and his son, Wah. I walked unhurriedly; thinking about the day events, what is all meant. Were we really equipped to change the world, to make a difference? Suddenly, I stepped into a hole in the sidewalk and there was nothing but dung around my feet. In the same moment my foot hit the manure my head went up and before me stood an exquisite man with a child in his arms. The smile on his and his wee one’s face astonished me .In that instant my mind flashed to a scene in Canada, I could be walking on the most picturesque, cultivated lawn, look up and see someone in agony, anger. Where is the beauty? The dung or the manicured lawn? You decide. There is light and shadow, all in balance. This energy is in us, around us. Our joy , our sadness is to be accepted as one. Our choice today is to be with everything. Just for today, let the spirit of positive/negative have you. Ouch, you don’t like the word negative, ok; we can move forward in positive beauty. The dung gets left behind . Its only matter and it does not matter.