No , I will not comment on politics , but really?

BalanceEach day upon awaking I watch at least a half hour of the news .You cannot heal yourself or the world you live in unless you know what is going on around you. Today I observed something that I found disturbing. Please understand I am not judging or taking sides, only observing. At the G20 summit, I see Putin sitting alone at the dinner table. He leaves the summit early. I will not comment on my thoughts about Putin but I will say this. “How in the name of all that is good can our planet heal when every head of state ,world leader is at G20 and have an opportunity to talk over Dinner and miss the opportunity”?. Breaking bread together is very symbolic. Yes, I am sure they have their reasons and there are items on their agenda .I am not aware of this agenda but what I see today speaks volumes. If these leaders are leading by example , I have questions? My husband John who has been on 5 UN missions, said, “Nothing changes when nothing changes . The other big news today is the 30 yr song of “Do they know it's Christmas? Isn’t that what Christmas was about, forgiveness, love, tolerance? Do not judge me here, all I am saying is , “If you are going to change the world, then lead it.” Lead it with compassion. Open the gateway for communion and communication. Do not leave someone alone, I do not care who they are. One of our greatest fears is humiliation. That picture of Putin sitting on his own speaks volumes. His leaving early? You be the judge.