Peeks for Peeps into "Talking to Angels , SIMPLY"

An Altar ,Alters our Consciousness April 10,2004 Tuesday, 7:47 am . Snowing.

Good Morning Angels,

You are standing in the fires of your passion and there are times you burn yourself out. This is a positive energy as your burns are necessary to heal. Sit and wait until your body is caught up with your busy mind that continues to be scattered. Your passion for life is contagious and this is good. Ignite your inner fire.

Thank You

Can you talk to me about the birds, the animals when it is snowing like this in April?

Continue doing your share Lilly by feeding and sending them light. It strengthens their insights. They prepare and could educate you humans on how to be ready for surprises. They are in touch and intuitive. They do not question. Do not worry about them, they will teach you.

Can you give me insights as to why I have not finished any of my writings?

Your will to write has been in you for eternities .You fear that there is a right or wrong way. This is of no significance. What is of importance is the trust you carry within yourself to be yourself. Remember the word trust. Embrace your skills Lilly, they are freely given. Arch Angel Gabriel will guide you through this next passage. However ,you must be willing to take more risks. Be aware, not afraid.

Thank You So be it OM-TAT-SAT