"When our future dies we are compelled to live it.” Peeks for peeps into Madness, Addiction and LOVE

images-3 I am not sure where I heard this phrase but it is intriguing. Mental illness is real. It is like a mole on our shoulder we do not take seriously. It stays with us in the subtlest of ways. Suddenly, it is bleeding and no one can fix it. It is beyond repair. I like to think of myself as an optimist and those that truly know me would agree. I will take lemons and create something sweet; I will walk down the fearful path because I know I am not alone. I believe. However, when it comes to mental illness in our society, I am lost.

I took a Doctor on a trip, a spiritual journey and because a dear friend recommended this person, when I did interview, I overlooked a few of her comments. She is a Doctor, who am I to question? (That in itself, my form of self worth, is nuts) When we arrived at our destination it was clear this person was mentally ill. She was filled to the gills with booze and perception drugs. While we were in conference at a table to discuss our trip with our tour guide, upon arrival, this person is in bed passed out. By the grace of God/Goddess I had three other people on that trip in a `12 step program and we all knew how to handle this kind of situation. It was not easy. As soon as this individual had a drink, there was a scene. She would become loud and obnoxious. In those ten days whenever we had dinner and she had a glass of wine, we crossed our fingers and rolled our eyes. Whenever she was challenged, her reply, “I am a Doctor, I will take you down”. You will never work again.” Power”, “the want of it is an addiction and in the mentally ill category. (My humble option)

What is the name of all that is holy is the problem with us and our society that we do not recognize mental illness until it is to late?

Take for example; your child of 17 yrs. They are in their first year of university. That was our Melanie in 1992. She is starting on her journey into a scholiast future. What happens? There are banks in the corridors at her university soliciting Credit Cards? She does not have a job; she is living with us once again. Within three months she owes 500.00 to Visa and 750.00 to Sears. What is wrong with this picture? Are we going to say, oh, it is our society and that is the way it is or are we going to say ENOUGH? This is crazy making. What will happen when she is out of university? I can tell you a story , That is another chapter, before she takes her life , she declares bankruptcy. She feels her life is in ruins. Yes, I realize that she made the decisions but really, asking a 17 yr old if they want a credit card is like telling a bear at a dumpster to sit down and wait while I serve him. da, he will attack.

When a child, brother, a friend, takes their life, a future dies with them. Be it theirs or our own. Nothing is ever the same. Those left behind take another path, usually one they have not taken before. Grief can be a catalyst for change. Occasionally for the good, sometimes not.

When we are able to take re