Opening Day December , 2010. I am in tears , I am talking to John on the phone. He is in Haiti or Afghanistan on another mission. I have just moved into our new home with the help of good friends. I want to open the White Lilly ,A boutique for ECO friendly fashions. He is doing a good job convincing me I have truly lost my mind this time. I was known for taking risks, jumping off the cliff, landing on two feet with open heart, this time around though, really? He reminded me that I am 55 yrs old. I tell him I am not retiring down, I am refiring up. ( Something I heard when I hosted Andrew Harvey in Sept 2010’s,”Power Up Your Life”. How did this happen he asked,? Where did I loss it.? Hum, let me take you back and see if we can find it together.

John and I were to have moved to New Brunswick ,Sept 1st but as you remember our house we were to purchase had a fire . We decided to stay in Ontario and I literally lived out of our car. I stayed with friends and Amanda during the 13 weeks while our home on Johanna St was being built.

In October of 2010 I was with two friends in Bali on a yearly Spiritual Journey.

Michele , Louise and I were in Ubud the day before we were to return home to Canada .We were running to catch our driver when I was stopped, stood motionless, There in front of me”, GODDESS ON THE GO”. Hey, girls, they have my store. “What are you talking about now Fairy Lilly? Come on , we are going to be late.” Once in the car, ”Do tell”. I explained that on Dec 3, 2005 I was in Holt Renfrew looking for an outfit to travel in that was trendy, fashionable and hip. . I had looked all over Ottawa and by 3:30pm I was on the phone talking to my friend Cyrilla who lies in Halifax . I was complaining that I could not find anything , anywhere ,that was easy to care, easy to wear. Cyrilla’s reply, “Bella , tomorrow you are leaving for Bali, make your own designs.” “Da”, why didn’t I think of that. You have to love friends who are our champions. When I arrived home that evening , while on the phone to her, I gave  a few design ideas . I cannot draw so she sketched them  plus added few of her own idea’s,. She faxed them to me ,voila, I am on my way. When I landed in Bali I conveyed to our good friend and spiritual family member, Augung Prana my idea and asked if he could take me to some of the designers and manufacturers he knew. Augung Prana use to be in the garment industry and had many connections. I made contact with some of these manufactures but I was unable to articulate my designs to them . Language issues, finances. I was looking for a material that was washable and great for travelling. I envisioned jackets, long and short, trousers, , leggings, handbags , body wear , colorful and complimenting one another. Timing is everything; this was not the time so I tucked the designs away for future reference. Back to 2010. The girls and I returned home and I immediately searched, “Goddess on the Go” on Internet. Voila, there they are, still under construction. While they are under construction I have a indisputable feeling about this company and I am ready to jump of an additional cliff. I make a deal with spirit. OK Spirit of Inspiration, here’s the gig. I will take this next assignment on two conditions. If this is my next adventure, I will be able to rent the new space in Heritage court, If Gord Pike, the landlord of Heritage Court is at location when I visit the space today, I will know it is jelling and the universe is in order and doing  the work needed for me to proceed. The other condition ,I have John’s full support . Yes, Gord Pike is at location plus his wife ,Bonnie.I tell them my plans are we make an agreement.

Birthing is about to begin. It took 3 months to get premise’s ready. I hire the best designer in the business, Charlene, to help with store , Diana designs my logo, staff are hired. I returned to Bali in February to order and meet Glamorous Janet O’Malley, designer, entrepreneur extraordinaire for" Goddess on the Go" . The line is 100% ECO Friendly made from beechtree. Modal. My first order was for $24,000.00 . I purchased another line called Animale, I go to market , purchase silks scarfs galore and jewels to sell and display. I check astrology chart and look for a time to open this next journey. 1:00 pm, April 30th. Most of the planets are in the ninth house. Opening the store with so many planets in this house means that I no longer will focus on myself .The focus is on my relationship with the world. How the store will govern itself. It is the planet of spirituality , long distance travel. We create an Altar at the entrance so that all who enter are blessed. This is not only a business with soul but a soul that is a business. The labour has ended. We are born on April 30th, 2011. Shite, here we go again. I am open one month when Melanie calls on my cell. “Mom , are you at the store?” What now, now what? The next day I fly into Moncton. I am able to stay at Nicole's . Melanie's place is filled with chaos and there is no room for the old mere. When I arrive at a car dealership to meet her, she is