ALL SOULS DAY & the Passion of Judgement

Lourdes 1Today I am thinking of judgment day.That old Christian theology, the final and eternal judgment by God of every nation.

To hell with the final eternal judgment by a God of our understanding.

As Human beings living our lives NOW, I wonder if we are fully aware of the damage we do here when we are judging others.
It damages the very soul of who we are. The best antidote to stop being judged is to stop judging. At this point in our evolution we understand we are a collective. Don’t we? We are all one in a great mass of energy, separated only by our ego. Is it possible to be proactive instead of reactive? When we are judging is it not really about ourselves? Isn’t it the universal source holding up a mirror for us to take a closer look within? After all, it is us doing the thinking, the analyzing, and the judging. We do not know the other’s story. We have not lived in anyone else’s shoes. God forbid, we have a difficult time living in our own. I have a suspicion that people who judge constantly cannot bare living in their own shoes, (sole) or recognizing their own soul. Someone has said I am confusing. Then she proceeds to tell me for the last year or so I have been off. Well yes, I have been off, for more reasons than she will ever understand. She has not walked or lived in my shoes or bothered to take the time to see my soul. Yes, she is aware of the many losses. I realize that these losses have been a necessary journey between Spirit and I. I am left to wonder if it is this woman who is confused or off. I do no know, nor will I judge her. I merely wondered. I will not run away from her with ”I cannot be around those who hurt me”. She is a noble friend. She is unaware that I have allowed myself to be hurt by her words. I love her or I would not feel the wound. It is not only her words; it has been her actions these last two years. Wounds are necessary & healing. They give us an opportunity for our ego and spirit to feel the, “Awe of the Raw”. Everyday is All Souls Day. We can take the opportunity to pray for those who have passed ,pray for the collective, ourselves as we continue to live through our passages. The journey is short; our courage is the answer to help resolve the unkindness, the torment, and the wars on our planet. As we pray for our soul, we pray for the soul of others. We pray that hate is changed into love, that judgment is changed into giving, sharing and compassion. We pray that fear is faced with bravery. “Just for today, let All Souls day have us" Let Judgement diminish. Ps: Yes, I realize we need to discern or judge right from wrong, but you who are on this spiritual path , know the difference .