Spirituality or Santa Claus

IMG_7079 Should have been leaving for Bali today but Spirit had other plans

Sometimes our wishes are not to be met

As the stars have a story, we have no regret

When we are thinking and wishing for something

Santa Claus will not appear

It is a child’s way into spiritually, wish boards, affirmations

are the ego’s way of leading you astray.

To truly understand your soul’s journey, be open, trusting and pray

Not for the stuff of our desires but the acceptance of a joy filled day.

Our joy is caressed from the deep; we can sense it even if our lives lay in a heap.

For the stars are in alignment, we planned this before we were awoke from our sleep.

We can talk ourselves into denial ,but spiritually, is acceptance, faith, not a trial.

It isn’t a lesson we are leaning, it is the unity within our community. It is meeting the world where it is .

When we are all united beings of light, the shadow will cease to exist, we only need to get out of our ego and allow true love to persist.

Yes, we need to meet people where they are at, but we must not mistake their ego and mask. As a collective we are all grown up, most do not want the work at task.

Feel from your heart, not your mind,.

In time, we will all come to understand, “Just for today. Let Spirit have me”

I will not board the flight to Bali, for spirit has other plans

I am grateful to be with family lending a helping hand.