Morning lightSpirit does say” I am with you today”. My ears become alert. I hear the whisper

“Seek and Serve” you’ve nothing to fear, it will not hurt,

 "Gather your resources I willing gave, so you can share

It’s your Karma I say”

  Spirit does say, “It’s been a long day”

The moments were yours to live,

Your intent was clear, you were willing to hear

That alone you would not succeed,

That community is needed, the thoughts have been seeded

To pray and play as a group, for this is the way to understand

That love is at your root.

 Spirit does say, “It is time to Pray”

I realize my mind has wandered.

I am into details, lists and consumption

Of things that pass away,

I take a deep breathe, into my heart I melt.

Ah, “here you are God”, your essence is felt.

 Spirit does say, "Seize this day, it is yours to Pray and Play.".