What is Sacred ? Peek for Peeps , Madness, Addiction & Love

What is Sacred?151 How often throughout our day do we give thanks, count our blessings and talk to God/Goddess? If you do not like the word God try, “Good Orderly Direction". Sacred can be minuscule throughout our day.  It can be watching a bird, putting our back up against a tree, staring up at the moon. For some ,it can private moments with another. It may be going to church and being with the Divine in a sanctified space. My travels to Bali opened my eyes to prayer and sacredness. From the time they open their eyes they are in gratitude and prayer. There are altars in their homes, yards, rice fields, streets, communities, towns and cities. They have altars in their hearts, they alter their consciousness.They go to temple regularly with offerings to their Gods. They take offerings out on the street, in their cars  and on their motorcycles. Sacredness is everywhere.

As I write this I now realize why my home and yard is filled with altars. In the morning I light three candles , one for the planet , one for my family , that encludes siblings ,spiritual family ,friends.. I light one for the health of my mind, body ,spirit , the health of my relationship with John . I had an altar in the store I opened in 2011"The White Lilly". Each morning we would light  a candle and spray holy water which I would bring back from Bali. The Mystic is bor