The Collective, Peeks for Peeps from 365 Ways to Power Up Your Life

Icropped-img_3331.jpg Isn’t LIFE Grand?

You see, all the gloom in Madness, Addiction & Love has a Beautiful, Blissful, and Bright conclusion. The Chapter on Love is how to get out of the Darkness and onto living your Highest Potential .You now have the tools to "Power Up Your Life".  I was blessed to trademark "Power Up Your Life, tools for intuitive living “after I spent a weekend with Andrew Harvey. It has taken me 25 years to develop this tools, live them, pass them on. When I are writing, teaching, lecturing, I know I have been into the darkness. I have come out on the other side stronger. It is in my humble opinion the effective way to teach. I did not follow anyone else’s work besides Carline Myss' . I wanted to have my own experiences, not something out of a book that showed us how. My hope is that you also allow your self to feel the Awe of the Raw, take these tools , love, and live them.

I am excited to know that most of us understand the Collective.  When Caroline Myss called me the day our child was being buried, she mentions the Collective.  She said that I was  not alone . Someone else is feeling and holding my pain. I can let go. I immediately felt release and folded into acceptance of what we were about to do. Say Good Bye to our baby girl. The mother of our three grandchildren. Grandchildren who are braver than anyone else I know . Breanna, Madeleine & Xavier. The courage they showed that day and they continue to grow into ,gives me great hope for the future.

I love knowing and feeling that when I am in shadow, someone else is holding my Joy. When I am in Joy, there is someone out there holding the shadow. When someone is in Joy , I celebrate them.

When they are in pain, I light a candle on one of my many alters.

All in Balance. We are not alone. The collective, I AM THAT, YOU ARE THAT and MORE.