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941345_652384551454128_730984647_n What is your SOUL Esteem? How often do you do a charka bypass?

When do you think about something, act upon it without feeling it.

Maybe you think about it, feel it but you do not act on it.

Perhaps you do not think about it all the way through, you speak about this thought, do it and then it is left  in a heap. You forgot to feel it through your heart chakra.

Today, let the spirit of aligning your Chaka’s have you.

In meditation, go into each Charka, beginning with your base. See the color red, how clear is the color, where are you loosing your footing? How much are you blaming your culture or your family for your woes? Go deep into the red and breathe in the light. Align your base charka, breathe through until it is bright red and healthy.

Now take your time and go through each of your charkas in the same way until they are aligned.

Remember you Charka’s are the organs to your soul. When they are in alignment you will have Soul Esteem.