About Lilly and Power Up Your Life

Lilly6After many successful years working in marketing it became clear one day while studying with Carolne Myss that it was going to be difficult to leave  Marketing  and the monitory success of that world. When Caroline Myss said ,”Oh Lilly you are just scared to loose your STUFF, Lilly went home that week in 2006 and resigned from a job she loved. Why would you leave a job you loved ? Lilly 
realized that she was increasingly drawn to helping others fulfill THEIR highest 
potential. She was living her dream, now it was time to help others do the same. To help them jump off the cliff. She had jumped many times over the years and no rope was required. She had learnt from experience to move from scarcity to abundance attitude. She had begun her personnel journey of enlightenment in 1991 while entering a recovery program.   Through her years of studies with such experts as Caroline Myss, Dr. Doreen Virtue and 
Dr. Mario Martinez she was ready. Lilly and her husband John moved to Almonte from Ottawa in Dec, 2006... She Opened White Light Retreat 
to house The Trinity Table and to host personal development workshops.

Lilly’s vast knowledge, experience and accreditations include:

  • Certified Sacred Contract Counselor
  • Certified Medium
  • Certified Angel Therapy Practitioner (ATP) and Medium
  • Reiki Master
  • Trinity Table Facilitator (an experiential medium for profound relaxation, spiritual and emotional healing)
  • Lecturer
  • Author of "Lilly White Lies & Dreams” 30 Day Challenge to Power Up Your Life, 365 Ways to Power Up Your Life, soon to be released Lilly White Insights into Madness, Addiction & Love.
  • Spiritual Coach
  • She also visits Bali yearly and take those interested to come along for the spiritual journey.

Lilly’s daily ritual is “Just for Today “ Let Spirit Have you ” so in July of 2010 it became clear Spirit had other plans for Whitelight Retreat and this 1890 heritage home was sold to make room for Lilly’s next adventure. In April of 2011  year she opened Whitelight/ the White Lilly a retail/ service business at 14 Mill St, Heritage Court , Almonte.

“The White Lilly” the retail side of her business was filled with clothing , silks , jewels and more from Lilly’s annual trips to Bali. The uniqueness of the White Lilly is the eco friendly clothing made from Beechwood fibers. The White Lilly in Almonte was proud to say that they were the only store in North America selling this line of clothing. A year after opening tragic events unfolded. Her Daughter Melanie committed suicide , Her Mother died and her dad had a stroke. Needless to say Lilly closed the store three years later  in 2014 to make room for grief.Grief was like a nightly visitor knocking on the doorway of her heart. She decided it was time to let it in.

She has since opened the White Lilly Home Studio in her home on 43 Johanna St.

You can experience Bali yourself as Lilly takes you on your own spiritual journey. Spiritual Journeys are usually October or April each year and limited to 4 people to experience the depth and uniqueness of Bali. Her Bali Family.

She also houses Whitelight , the sacred space for the Trinity Table, Whitelight is the only facility in Canada that has a Trinity Table. There are presently 27 in the world.. This devise will help you relax as you spin counter clock  wise  in a relaxed atmosphere of soft lights , eyes covered and music in background. It is under this trance that you enter your Theta state and it is where true healing occurs. .  You will experience a deep level of meditation not found in our traditional culture. At Whitelight she is also host monthly Archetype workshops , Angle Workshops and Angel readings.

Lilly is also the creator of Monthly “ Breakfast with Soul”, and bi Annually “ POWER UP YOUR LIFE”.

Lilly will help you understand the difference between your FATE and your DESTINY…

Her philosophy  is summed up in this small poem

BELEVE in YOU, Believe in ME, Believe you Thee, Believe in THIS , Believe in BLISS , Believe in NOW , Believe in WOW..

She is presently writing her 4 books , 1) 365 Ways to Power Up Your Life, 2) YOUR 30 Challenge to Power Up Your Life , 3) Madness, Addiction and Love and finally , 4) Bali Coffee, Clove Cigarettes & the Traveliing Fairy.